Juicing 101

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This guest post by my friend Melanie is about how to get started juicing. I thought this would be a juicy post for Tiny Oranges. Sorry, couldn’t help it.

I have wanted to get into juicing, but didn’t really know how to get started juicing, which is why I am excited to share her easy tips.

Juicing 101:

How to Get Started Juicing


After watching the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead this past Christmas, my husband and I decided that we would start juicing to kick-start a new health regime .

Our family maintains a fairly healthy lifestyle and diet but there is always room for improvement. Our idea for juicing was to incorporate more “micronutrients” (vitamins and minerals, as opposed to macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, etc.)  into our diet.

We discovered that juicing is a fairly simple process and here is how you can get started…

Step 1Do a little research

There are many websites that discuss the pros and cons of juicing, just do a web search on the word “juicing.” After researching, we decided that we would not juice to replace any meals, but just in addition to what we already eat for the health benefits.  We learned there is a lot of fiber and additional vitamins found in the pulp and skin of whole fruit and veggies.

Step 2Buy your equipment

A trip to Target to buy a juicer and we were on our way. Any juicer will work, in my humble opinion. We happened to have a gift card from Target, so that’s where I went.  I bought a DASH juicer for $100 and it works well.  The Breville also gets great reviews. Or if you really want to invest you can try the Vitamix (at Costco), which actually pulverizes the whole fruit so the pulp and fiber are included.

Step 3Find yummy recipes and juice!

This is the super fun and creative part. There are countless recipes online. We also asked a few friends for their favorite recipe and our juicer came with a few suggestions.

Next step was to stop off at a store to buy my ingredients.  I TRY to buy organic fruit but this is not always in the budget, so I just do my best.  I often buy apples and oranges in bulk, which is easier on the wallet.

Throw a bunch of fruit in the juicer and that’s all it takes.  You can be intentional about what type of fruits and veggies you choose and follow recipes or just use what you have left in your fridge; anything goes! 

Juicing is a great way to use up your produce that is about to go bad.  Each time, I try to throw some kind of green veggie in because of the amazing nutritional value in leafy greens.

My favorite juicing ingredients

Cucumber – love the fresh and clean taste, think SPA WATER

Ginger – MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE because it adds a little “spicy”

Pears – sweeten up any recipe

Leafy greens, spinach or Kale – excellent source of vitamins, and you hardly taste them if you mix with fruit (be sure to put your leafy greens or anything that is less “juicy” in first, then the juice of the other fruit will help push the green nutrients through)

Favorite juicing recipes

(Serve 2 adults with a little left over for the kids)

Morning Fuel  

This is a yummy recipe that came with the juicer called
½ cucumber, 1-2 oranges, 2 apples, 1 tsp ginger, 1 kiwi

Mean Green 

From Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It takes a little while to get used to but very good for you!
1 cucumber, 4 celery stalks, 2 apples, 6-8 leaves kale, 1/2 lemon (peeling optional but I peel!), 1 tbsp ginger

Kitchen Sink – 

Any fruit and veggies we have in the house- 2-3 oranges, 2 apples, ginger, handful of kale or spinach, 1 pear, 2 carrots

Step 4– Enjoy!

Share with your kids!!  Have them create some recipes.  Let us know what you try! Does anyone else have any favorite juicing tips or recipes to share?


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