How to Grow Out Your Little Girl’s Bangs

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This guest blog on how to grow out your little girl’s bangs is by OC hair stylist and mama of three, Tera Rae Stephens. Tera is currently in the process of growing out her four-year-old daughter, Harper’s bangs.

At each phase of the growing out process, Tera will be sharing with us realtime mom-to-mom styling tips to keep the shaggy dog look at bay.  Here is what she writes about the first phase of the “grow out!”

“It’s no secret that my family gets the least amount of attention when it comes to hair cuts and styling so when my daughter begged for a hair cut  “at your work” I finally gave in. AND I IMPULSIVELY CUT HER BANGS!!!!!

That is Harper in the image above on the day I cut her bangs, sitting in my chair at the salon feeling very cool and grown up.

We thought they were really cute and totally changed the way she looked.  I also liked how they naturally kept most of her hair out of her face and made her ponytails and braids more interesting.

The first time I had to trim them came way too quickly and she wasn’t happy to sit still for the clean up.  And her reaction after the trim was hilarious! She actually thought the bangs would be gone!  She was as tired of them as I was, so I explained to her that the only way to get rid of bangs was to grow them out and we decided it was time to do just that…

That is how my girl is looking at the first stage of “grow out!” Super Shaggy Dog!

I wanted to share this process with you because I have some great tricks that can make the process so much easier.  And you may find they work for you as well! Here are a few ways we’ve been keeping the shag out of her face and eyes…

Slick It Back

By putting a medium hold gel in the front of her hair when it’s damp (or sprayed with a water bottle) I can slick it back into a bun or ponytail and it holds her bangs back all day.

Make a Braid Headband

My favorite style on her has been to part it in the middle and braid each section into a braid.  I then wrap the braids over the top of her head and bobby pin them in place.  They work as a headband to keep her bangs back!

Train a Middle Part 

The last two pictures below are a little trick that works wonders.  I plan to train her bangs to part in the middle as that seems to be what they want to do naturally. When she’s eating her breakfast in the morning, I bobby pin the hair back and by the time she leaves for school the hair stays parted there!  If you want a side part, push all of the bangs to the side and pin it there!

We have also been using elastic head bands (see me in a tutorial on how to make your own elastic hair ties here) and lots of barrettes!

Stay tuned… In my next post, I will show you how to make a small adjustment to the shape of the bangs by cutting that will make the grow out process smoother than you expect!!”

Thanks Tera! Soooo cute! Do any of you have tips to share on styles to keep the bangs out of their eyes? Comment below!

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