Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

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Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Recipe


Last weekend our friends had us over for a family barbecue and the husband made the most perfect ice cream cookie sandwiches so I wanted to share his ice cream cookie sandwich recipe, or rather, technique.

He heard the idea on the radio (is the radio Pinterest for dudes?!) on how to do an easy ice cream cookie sandwich.

You should have seen the kids, they went NUTS, when they saw these!

Slice, Don’t Scoop!


1. First you take a pint of ice cream (can’t ever go wrong with any Haagen-Dazs variety.) Then using the warmth of your hands to soften the container, squeeze it while holding upside down until the entire pint of ice cream pops out.

2. Next, use a knife to slide a perfect disc of ice cream!

3. Voila! Your ice cream for the sandwich is done. Then, put in between two cookies (large enough to roughly fit a pint sized ice cream disc.)

I was thinking how cute it would be to do a “make your own ice cream cookie sandwich bar” for a birthday party offering a variety of cookie flavors and ice cream flavors. Fun, right?

These made for some pretty happy kiddos!


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