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Last year I joined a great networking group called Smarty OC which has monthly events with guest speakers.

One of such speakers was Chris Van Dusen of i-FFICIENCY.  He did a presentation last summer on what you need to know to start working “smarter” and apps that can streamline your day to day business needs, make communication easier and other “tech” secrets.

I was so bummed I had to miss this event but fellow Smarty members raved about what they learned so I connected with Chris on Twitter recently (he can be found @ifficiency) as I had some questions to ask him about making my potential first Mac purchase.  He recommended we meet for coffee to talk about my business and go from there.

So we met at a Starbucks and chatted for awhile about the iMac vs. MacBook Pro, the iPad (yippee for the upcoming release on the iPad 2),and what they can do for my business.

His passion for technology was contagious.

He was so insightful, listened to what I do and then made recommendations on ways I could utilize the current technology available to streamline my business.

We also talked about social media strategy and he had a ton of great ideas on how to make the most of my online presence. It was a very cool meeting.  I left with my wheels spinning!

So, who exactly is this i-guy?

Chris is a tech enthusiast, remote efficiency specialist and entrepreneur.  He is the president of i-FFICIENCY, a consultancy he co-founded to help small businesses and startups leverage new technology in the sales process.  If you have a small or medium sized business, i-FFICIENCY can help you tell your story better utilizing new technology and make your process and information more efficient and effective.

Chris is also Director of Business Development and New Media for Rief Media, a full service marketing and communications firm which offers outsourced marketing to help you with defining your presence, web development and branding.

Chris also contributes as a writer for Techzulu and other publications and speaks regularly on technology, new media and remote efficiency for business professionals.

Bottom line, if you are a small to medium sized business looking to improve your digital footprint by integrating new technology like the iPad into your sales and marketing process, Chris is your i-guy!

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