How to Keep the Kids Entertained This Week

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HELLO friends! I hope you had a very merry Christmas!  We had the best one yet, but now I am TIRED. December can take a lot out of a mom. I am really looking forward to laying low this week and hanging out at home. Minimal running around if I can help it. However, that only lasts for so long with my kids. So, if yours are like mine, I wanted to share 10 ideas to keep kids entertained over break.

1. Make Your Own Hair Ties – If you have girls, this is a darling activity to do with them. Easy, fun, and super useful. Because, in a house like ours with three women, you can never have enough hair ties.

2. Plan a Party for a Stuffed Animal or Special Doll – This activity can take up the better part of a day.

3. Print Your Own Personalized Coloring Pages – Something about the kid’s name on the picture makes it extra intriguing.

4. Make Your Own Peppermint Play Dough – Easy to make and the peppermint gives it an extra something special. Feel like getting extra fancy? Add some glitter!

5. Hold a Stand for Charity – Have your kids figure out something to sell and make a front yard stand.  It can be lemonade, cookies, rainbow loom bracelets, donuts, anything! Decide what charity has meaning to your family and donate the proceeds with your kids. Hint: Make the stand “donation only” instead of charging a certain price ~ you will make more money for a good cause.

6. Organize Your LEGOS – Have your kids help you get your LEGOS organized, the sorting can be a fun activity for everyone.

7. Make Your Own Scarves – You can make your own fleece scarves for cheap!

8. Go on a Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of items for your kids to find and go on a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. Too tired to leave the house? Do it indoors!

9. Create Your Own Cards – Have your kids color and decorate blank note cards for sending out throughout the year. Even better, have them write thank you notes to relatives for their Christmas gifts.

10. Hire a Babysitter – Kidding, but not really. Hire a sitter for a couple hours and take some time for yourself while the kids are getting entertained by someone else!

Anyone else have good ideas to keep kids entertained over break? Please share! 

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