Is This In Your Child’s Backpack?

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Important reminder to put this in your child's backpack

The other day I was picking up my 3rd grade daughter after school when a boy from her class last year came up asking if I had seen his mom.  I hadn’t so I asked him what her cell number was so I could call her.

“I don’t know it.”

Luckily another mom was at pick up who knew his mom and was able to reach her, but it got me to thinking about JUST how important it is to have your cell phone number in your child’s backpack if they don’t have it memorized.

This year we are carpooling with four different families, so it inspired me to write all the moms four cell phone numbers down to keep in my daughter’s backpack.

Every mom these days has her phone in hand – so if your child should need to reach you – they likely could find at least one mom they know and ask to call you.

But, they need to know your number.

Write yours down today and have them pick their place in their backpack where they want to stash it, just in case!

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