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[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

Welcome to the third and final reveal post of our bedroom makeovers designed by Shanna at MFE Designs.  I am very excited to share our gray and yellow guest room which I think turned out so lovely. For a complete list of sourcing of where Shanna got things, visit her blog here.

To get you up to speed, this past summer was a game of musical bedrooms for us, one that started when my girls were receiving new larger Serta iSeries mattresses for their bedrooms.

Given that we were going to be receiving larger beds, I had to re-look at our spaces to see what made the most sense, and called in Shanna for help as it was more than I could wrap my head around!

Best decision EVER.

Please click here to see Reveal Post # 1 and fun un-girly blue and green modern girl’s room she did for my three year old daughter.

Please click here to see Reveal Post # 2 and the ultra girly feminine, pink and white girl’s room for my six year old daughter.

So now we are on to the third room, our guest room.

Given that it doesn’t get used that much, we scrimped as much as we could budget wise.  I still can’t believe what Shanna was able to accomplish for us on the amount she did.

This room was previously my youngest daughter’s room. It is a tiny room, and given that we squeezed in many big pieces of furniture always made it feel even smaller.

Here is a before…

And here is how Shanna transformed this space into a lovely, modern gray and yellow guest room

[Photo credit: Tankersley Photography]

On the pillow, she had our last name embroidered on it. Isn’t that a cute idea? Especially because the people that come to stay in that room in our family all share the same last name.

I also LOVED this idea: she took a child’s wall book holder we did not end up using in either girl’s room and mounted it on the wall in the guest room to use for magazines.  I would have never thought of using a wall book holder like this for magazines in a guest room, but it turned out so darling.

To further personalize the space, she took out the prints from two old frames, and had me enlarge two 8×10 black and white family prints showing the people that would be staying most often in this room. Enlarging them to 8 x 10 made them look like an art print (top of the shelving unit.)

 And I am in love with this inexpensive shelving unit. Such a great find. Visit Shanna’s blog for a complete sourcing list for this room.

After the fact, I also picked up a luggage rack for the guest room. I think having thoughtful touches, like a place for guests to put their luggage is a nice touch.

What do you do in your guest room to personalize it and made it more comfortable for guests?

Shanna is an interior designer who I met through blogging and her blog www.MyFavoriteEverything.com.

She has gone back to her designer roots after having three girls under 3 years and is taking on clients specializing in family living spaces and children’s bedrooms.

Having three little ones herself, believe me mamas, she knows exactly where you are coming from!

Shanna blew my mind and our expectations with the project she did for us.

For a complete sourcing list or to contact Shanna, visit www.myfavoriteeverything.com.

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