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Welcome to WWYD?! Wednesday, where we discuss real life parenting issues (big or small) our readers are facing and ask for comments from our readers with their advice, experience, information or any helpful tips you might have. It takes a village. And sometimes it can be just one voice in a big village that makes a difference. You could be that voice today.

Today’s topic: kids and lying. Read on… WWYD Lying

I (think) we have all been there. You know that moment in your head when you are looking at your child and thinking (liar, liar pants on fire) because you KNOW they are telling a lie?

Kids and Lying

One mom wrote in with this issue of kids and lying because she is struggling with it with her son. Here is an example of one of these tall tales,

My 10-year-old son says, “Hey mom listen to this joke I made up! I listened and it is a really funny joke. Too funny for him to likely make up. So I thought about it for a few days, and finally looked it up online. Just as I thought, my son didn’t make it up. What would you do?” 

What do you all think she should do in a situation like this? Is this sort of lie harmless or should it be addressed? Would you say something to him or let it go? How do you handle it when your kids tell lies?

WWYD?! Please comment below and help a mama out! 

Do you have a current parenting issue you would be interested to hear what others would do in your situation?

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