Oh, To Be Six Again

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Last month my mom and dad wanted to get a family photo of our entire family for their Christmas card, so one of my blogger friends, Kathleen from www.kathleenssugarandspice.com, came over to photograph our family of 10. Kathleen’s blog is amazing – a must follow!

Kathleen also recently launched her photography website which can be found at www.kathleenenge.4ormat.com. You can check out her Holiday Photo Sessions post with some of her favorites from this year. And see my cute mom and dad (the black and white photo where my dad is kissing my mom’s cheek. So cute. Sigh.)

During one of the breaks, she captured this one of my six-year-old jump roping. It is just so her. Full of energy and sparkle.Β And busting into cartwheels and splits at a moment’s notice…

Oh, to be SIX again!

One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching how joyful and carefree life can be when you are little. Good reminder that we don’t have to take everything so seriously.

Have a JOYFUL weekend everyone!Β 


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