Let’s Talk About Sex

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Let’s talk about sex.

This is not a topic I normally talk about on my blog, but after seeing the trailer for a hilarious movie called Sex Tape coming to theaters this month, I had to write about it because most of us married with children people will be able to relate. Big time.

The movie is about a couple, Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) who have been married for ten years, two kids, are still very much in love, but well, the passion of the early days has cooled off. In an attempt to bring back the heat to their marriage, they decide to make a sex tape, and the private video is accidentally, shared. Oh, the horror!

You just have to watch the trailer, you will laugh out loud.

Keeping the Passion Alive After Children 

The moment you have children, or actually, the moment you find out you are pregnant, your sex life changes. Dramatically.

I love it in the movie when Annie says, “How the hell do you get it back?” Because I am sure most moms have wondered that exact same thing.

But you can, I am telling you, you can, it just takes a little work.

Now, my husband and I would never be so brave as to make a sex tape like Annie and Jay. Mostly because I would be paranoid about the possibility of it getting viewed by the wrong people (which is why this movie is so funny to me).  But there are some simple ways you can spice things up in your own love life and bring back some of the heat to your marriage.

My Top 5 Tips to Gettin’ It On, Parent Style

In the movie Annie is a successful mommy blogger (LOVE IT) and I felt very honored to be invited to write a guest post on this very topic on Annie’s blog, Who’s Yo Mommy.

Click here to visit Annie’s blog, and look for my guest post on my top 5 Tips to Gettin’ It On, Parent Style.

What do you think?

Do you have any tips on keeping the passion alive after children? Please share in the comments below!

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