Cute Fourth of July Crafts for Kids

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Let’s Make Fun Fourth of July Crafts for Kids! 

Our family is getting excited for the Fourth of July – we have our festive outfits (okay, the kids have their cute outfits), we have our flags to wave, we have our super fun beach plans, and the kids have been practicing the Pledge of Allegiance.

All we’re missing?  A cute Fourth of July craft.  I googled and surfed Pinterest and asked my mama friends.  Here’s what I stumbled upon:

Make a Flag

What you need:

– A popsicle stick or wooden craft stick
– A medium white rectangular piece of construction paper (you can either have it pre-cut  for itty bittys, or have your preschooler practice cutting a pattern – make the lines straight or wavy, your choice!)
– A washable red and blue marker
– Silver sparkle paint, red paint and blue paint (you can find at any craft store)

We just got a Pretend City membership in Irvine (if you haven’t been, check it out – SO fun for little ones!), and on our first morning there, they had a craft station set out after story time.  A “make-you-own-flag” craft.

Have your kiddo make their red stripes on the white rectangle paper, then they can trace the red lines with red paint to add a little pizazz.  Have your kiddo color a small blue square in the upper left corner , then add the silver sparkle paint as the stars (dots).

Glue the “flag” to the “pole,” have your little one write their name on the “pole” (or help them), and let it dry.  Voila!  Each kiddo has a new flag to wave.  Thank you Pretend City!

Firework Pictures

Thank you for the great idea, “No Time for Flashcards” – I found you on Pinterest and I love all of your adorable craft ideas!  You can find this cute idea here on No Time for Flashcards.

What you need:

– Cupcake liners (any color is fine)
– Washable markers (for any “firework” color you want)
– Glitter
– Black construction paper
– Safety scissors
– Glue

Have your little ones color all over the on the cupcake lines – the more color, the better!   Then, fold your cupcake liners into little cone shapes and cut several mini slits.  Glue your liners to the construction paper and then go glitter crazy!!  Ta-da!!!  You have your own “fireworks” show.  (Just make sure to let it dry.)

Quick Tip – Sooooo, we started this craft and quickly realized that our glue sticks were dried up – ugh.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  Instead, I broke out my glitter paint sticks, which ended up being even more fun…because my little girl has a rule.  There is no such thing as too much glitter!

What is your favorite Fourth of July craft?  Has anyone successfully made those adorable “flag” sheet cakes with the white frosting and fruit?  Share your ideas below so we can all enjoy before the big day!

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