I Got My Picky Kids to Eat Fish

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Kid-friendly fish recipe: parmesan crusted cod

That picture is so not Pinterest pretty, but it’s a real life weeknight dinner that my kids actually ate and liked. What made it so exciting for me was I finally found a kid-friendly fish recipe. Yes, my kids actually ate fish. Granted, the fish was masked in all kinds of breaded cheesy yumminess, but still, they ate fish. Victory.

My goal this year is to find FIVE weeknight dinner recipes the whole family will eat. No more short order cook in this house. I got fed up (no pun intended) and went on a mission.

Successful recipe number one was this no work chicken. It’s a goodie, put that one in your back pocket. Here is successful recipe number two.

Kid-Friendly Fish Recipe

I found this recipe for Parmesan Crusted Alaskan Cod  on Thank Your Body.  Super quick and easy prep, just mix bread crumb mixture, dip cod fillet in egg, then coat with yummy crust and bake for 15 – 17 minutes. It was DELICIOUS and my kids gobbled it up. Happy dance.  She suggests freezing half the crust mix for future ease. Did it.


Weeknights are no joke as far as limited time to prep so I am in the queen of easy-peasy sides. Pair the cod with some Trader Joe’s organic frozen peas, Trader Joe’s instant mashed potatoes (so delish if you haven’t tried) and good old Trader Joe’s apple sauce for the girls.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes over with your kids!

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