Kid Approved Fourth of July Dessert: Brownie and Fruit Kabobs

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Today I’m sharing a Fourth of July dessert idea for kids that every guest is sure to love: brownie and fruit kabobs drizzled with hot fudge because every birthday celebration deserves a fabulous dessert and America’s birthday is no exception!

Start with a batch of cooled brownies and then gather some “kabob worthy” goodies.

I picked strawberries, blueberries, and marshmallows.

I decided to use mini skewers because I found these festive ones at Target, but large BBQ skewers work just as well (and will save guests from having to go back for seconds!)

Enlist the help of family to skewer the brownies, fruit and marshmallows in whatever colorful design they choose and then drizzle with hot fudge.

  Be creative, remember you’re making brownie kabobs so really the sky is the limit.

My kids had so much fun assembling these brownie and fruit kabobs that I have a feeling we’ll be making them again throughout the year.

I hope you have liked this fourth of July dessert idea for kids (and adults too!)

Wishing you all a happy and sweet Fourth of July!

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