Tenley & Kiptyn will be at the PCRF race!

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I got a little giddy when I saw the news posted on the PCRF Run Facebook page that Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke will be participating at the event on Sunday as the honorary starters!

I am  HUGE fan of The Bachelor. Huge. I have not missed one season of the Bachelor, Bachelorette or (now) Bachelor Pad since it started. Anyone else the same? Tenley and Kiptyn were always two of my favorites because they both just seemed like genuinely NICE people.

So there I was just hoping to MAYBE get a picture with them at the race, when next thing I know Jordan Cross from PCRF emailed me and hooked me up with an introduction to Tenley so I could share a little about their involvement!!

I emailed her {and couldn’t believe I was actually emailing Tenley!} and she wrote me back, I kid you not, within minutes with the NICEST email ever using lots of !!!! {a girl of my own heart for sure.}

I asked her if she could tell me a little about their charity and why they got involved and this is what she wrote,

“When I heard about the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation event I knew I wanted to be involved. The words Pediatric (kids), Cancer (Fighting for life), and Research (Curing the fight) stood out to me!

Cancer is a devastating thing, it takes an extreme toll on the one fighting for their life, but it also is devastating and exhausting for the loved ones standing by. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if I was a mom and my little one was fighting for their life! I want to do whatever I can to aid to the research to find a way to cure cancer!

The event is also close to my heart because they have created a way for other organizations to raise money for themselves. And my boyfriend, Kiptyn’s mother started an amazing organization called Cancer Angels a couple years ago that is aiding those that are battling stage IV cancer.

What Cancer Angels is doing is so important because cancer is not only physically painful but mentally and emotionally trying as well, and Cancer Angels helps in aid the patient and family by helping them with rent, gas, food, and other costs that can be extremely overwhelming to someone that can’t work any long because they’re in a fight for their life.

My family has also personally lost way too many people we loved to cancer, so I will be walking in the PCRF walk in honor and memory of them! I’m so thrilled to participate in such an awesome movement in the community I live in.

Check out more about Cancer Angels: www.cancerangelsofsandiego.org and keep up with me on my website: www.TenleyMolzahn.com or on facebook or twitter! @TenleyMolzahn and facebook.com/tenleymolzahn I have lots of exciting changes coming up and I can’t wait to share!”

I was so thrilled she took her time to write me back, and I hope I get to meet her in person on Sunday.  Her and Kiptyn do so much to GIVE BACK to so many great causes. I started following her on Twitter awhile back after I saw her involvement with the girls at 31 Bits, which is another organization I just adore.  I think it is so refreshing to see two people use their celebrity for GOOD and do things to inspire and help others.

Click HERE to visit their PCRF team page.

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