The Last Day of Kindergarten

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Today is Emma’s last day of Kindergarten.  The picture on the left is from her first day.  I love how she wrote P for 9 in the date.  And there is my Kindergarten Grad on the right.

In the first picture I can sense some anticipation and a little fear in her eyes, today they are filled with joy and excitement.  And so are mine, as well as a few tears, but they are tears of happiness.

When I asked her how she was feeling about school coming to an end, she said, “Happy ~ Sad,” and I thought that was just the most perfect description for me too.

Looking back to that first picture, I remember how nervous I was for her to start Kindergarten.

Would she make friends in her class?  Would she like her teachers?  How would she be as a student?  Would she like going every day?

I was filled with so much anxiety, just wanting so badly for her to like school and be OK. Sending your kid off to Kindergarten in a way is sort of an exercise in letting go.

I wish I could go back and tell the mom on the left,

Relax. Everything is going to be OK. Actually, better than OK, everything is going to be GREAT.”

For me, this year has also been a lesson in having faith.

And with that, when we walk out today at 1:30pm, I will officially have a 1st grader! Hello summer!  

Are your kids done?  How were your last days?

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