Rainy Day Activity

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I think I might lose my mind this week.   Correction, it might already be gone.  Emma and I both have colds, which means that between the rainy weather and the sniffles we have been house bound for three straight days.  One day is kinda fun, two days is okay, but by yesterday morning I thought I might lose my mind.

What to do? I Googled “rainy day activities for kids” and found this site and the “masking tape house.”  Supplies needed? Masking tape.   Easy enough, I thought, so we got the tape out and started designing our floor plan.

All you do is stick the tape on the carpet to make “rooms.”   Emma had a lot of fun finding items to decorate our house.   We took her play kitchen and table and chairs and made a kitchen, took a little chair and baby bed from her room to make the baby’s room, and I found myself making a bathroom out of masking tape.  She found this quite funny.  I had to reiterate, “you know this is a PRETEND potty, right?!”

So, if you are losing your mind this week like me, this was a pretty easy and cheap activity that entertained us for the better part of the day.

And, if you are not up for construction, but looking for an indoor outing, check out Frogg’s Bounce House in Fountain Valley!  Great place to get that energy out!!!

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