What Will Your Kid’s Friends Remember About You?

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My mom was diagnosed in August with pancreatic cancer.  You can read about it here and here.

In times like this, having a support system and people rallying around you is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. In the spirit of having another place for people to share their support, my sister and I started a Facebook page for my mom to share inspiration and updates.

Yesterday one of my sister’s childhood friends wrote a comment to my mom that hit me. It said,

“Praying for you Julie. I have the fondest memories of you letting us watch MTV at your house.”

I love this memory of my mom. First, because it brought back my own memories of MTV when it first came out. I will never forget the rocket ship and intrigue surrounding that channel – a revolution in the making.

I am sure many parents in the 80’s were concerned about what they were exposing their kids to. Was MTV in the 80s what Elvis’ hip moves were to the previous generation?

I wonder if my mom letting her watch MTV at our house was magical because she wasn’t allowed to or if the memories were just connected to being at our home during that time in life.

It doesn’t really matter, but what struck me is the fact that our role as moms will be connected to other kids’ memories down the road.  Isn’t that powerful?

What will I be known for many years down the road?  What will my children’ friends remember about coming to our house? I don’t have a clear answer to that – but it sure made me think about it.

Does answer come to your mind? How will your kid’s friends remember you when they are all grown up?

I would love to hear your comments!

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Dear Sweet Child Letter Box

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Today is my daughter’s 4th birthday.  I don’t know if this is normal, but every year on her birthday I get very emotional and sentimental!  The day she was born was a day that changed my entire life.  And, one of the three best days of my life.  I never knew such a love existed before I had kids.   Or, such joy.

I am starting a tradition today that a family member shared with me.  When she told me about it a few months back, it made me get teary-eyed because it is so sentimental and special!  

It is called “Dear Sweet Child Letter Box” by a company called Once Upon a Family. Most places sold it for around $58.  I Googled it and ended up buying it on this site because orders over $50 get free shipping.

I just received it yesterday.  It is a pretty box with 21 ivory booklets inside.  On the night of your child’s birthday, you are to write them a letter about the past year.  Funny memories, special things they did, your feelings about them and what they mean to you.  On the outside there is a space for a photo.  I plan to put a photo in of my girls on the day of their birthday each year.

Then, when they are turning 21 years old (gulp), you have this as a surprise gift to give to them, and they will have 21 years of memories to cherish.   It makes me cry now as I type this because I think it is the most beautiful tradition.  And I get to start with my first one tonight!

Of course, you don’t need this box to do this, you can always write your own letters each year and include them in your own box.  I just loved the pretty ivory booklet and the space for their photo. 

So, that is my fun idea to pass on.   Now I have to get ready for our little celebration!  Happy weekend everyone!   See you back on Monday!

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