Starting Kindergarten: Lessons Learned

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Our family forged into unchartered territory this past week when our oldest started Kindergarten.

There she is on her first day.  I saw this post on Angry Julie Monday and loved the idea of having a photograph with her holding a sign on her first day each year.

Then I thought maybe I will have her write the first day sign so we can also see how her writing changes year after year.

There is her handmade sign.  I love that the date reads “P 6 11” instead of “9 6 11!”

So, we survived the first week and overall, she is doing great.

She has lined up and marched in with a smile each morning and for this I am incredibly grateful.

But the longer days and transition from preschool have been a little tough, I am not gonna lie! The first three days she would greet me with a smile at pick-up, then immediately break into tired tears and grumpy rants on the way to the car.

It has been a roller coaster of a week and there have been a few lessons I learned from this whole process of starting Kindergarten that I thought I might share for what it’s worth. If anyone else has tips or advice, please do share!  As a mom, I can use all the help I can get.

In hindsight, I would have done a few things different, but being she is our first child I just have done my best. My friend calls first children the “first pancake” because as parents sometimes we don’t know what we are doing and have to test things out trial by error with our first.


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