Bye Bye Hot Pink Cast!

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So Emma finally got the hot pink cast off on Monday afternoon.   After seeing that stinky, dirty, Sharpie-ridden piece of fiberglass laying there, when the lady asked me if we wanted to save it, I had to politely decline.  So we put it in the trash together and walked away both saying “bye bye cast!”  and me adding, “hope to not see you again!”

She actually got around REALLY well in that thing over this past month.  Totally surprised me.  She could pretty much do anything and never even complained about it. In fact, she had a birthday party at a dance studio on Sunday where they learned and performed a routine and she was busting a move and shakin’ that arm like it was nothing!

But getting it off was difficult! I had no idea, and I wasn’t totally prepared for what to expect when getting the cast off.

The process of taking it off wasn’t bad. I had to hold her ears when they used the saw to cut it off,  but it wasn’t too loud. Her face was delighted when she finally saw her arm, but then when they took it off completely, her brow furrowed and she started to cry.  It was SO sad. They said this is to be expected, it will be extremely stiff and sore.

She took more x-rays and all looked good.   The doctor said she has to wear a sling for the next two weeks when she is around other people (especially at preschool) until it totally heals.  I think the sling is much harder for her than the cast, but two weeks will go fast.

The night she got it off was pretty bad, she was scared to move it and kept it pinned to her body in the same position the cast had it in.  She woke up a couple times in pain that night, and then by Tuesday she was still holding it really close to her, and uncomfortable, but the more she moved it, the better it seemed to loosen up.  I am hoping each day starts to get a little better and better.

This was an interesting experience, and one that I will be glad to put in our past! Thanks for everyone’s comments on my last cast post.  It’s really great to know I have so much Tiny Oranges mommy encouragement!

Happy Wednesday!
xo Jen

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The Gift of an Ordinary Day

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My girlfriend Pam emailed me this You Tube video this week  by an author named Katrina Kenison from her book, “The Gift of an Ordinary Day.”   Pam never forwards anything, so when I received this link with this intro, “If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s worth every second. XO” I had no choice but to watch!

And, it was worth every second. It really got me. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.   This time in life, of having an 8 month old baby and a 3 years and 9 month old preschooler, although tremendously challenging and exhausting some most days, is not going to last for long.

I have tried to appreciate the little moments of the last couple “ordinary” days… my girls in the bath together splashing and giggling, nursing my baby to sleep tonight and (oh my gosh, this is making me tear up again!) holding her little hand, watching my oldest daughter sit with me at the bank today with her legs crossed copying me.   These moments are fleeting.  And priceless.

So, grab your coffee and take 7 minutes and 38 seconds out of your busy lives to watch and reflect.

At the risk of getting too corny, but I love it so please humor me…I would love to hear any special moments you have slowed down to appreciate as a result.

Happy weekend everyone…make sure to enter all this week’s fun giveaways and I will see you back on Monday! xoxo Jen

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