What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day

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Okay ladies, a very important day is coming up!  Bookmark this page.  Here are some super cute Mother’s Day gift ideas for that special lady in your life – your moms, grandmas, aunts, cousins, best friends…and of course, YOU!  Send this list to your husbands and significants others (wink wink!).  What moms really want for Mother’s Day!

Peace, quiet and…maybe even some tranquility 

Preferably without the little darlings. A spa day…or even just a spa treatment…a manicure/pedicure at her favorite local salon…a massage.  A little rest and relaxation goes a looooonnng way, right mamas?!  Check out SpaFinder.com for ideas of local spas with the services you want, and go for it!  This is a tried and true favorite gift idea for moms everywhere.

Family pictures

Give the gift of keepsake moments – professional family pictures (or maternity pictures, family generation pictures, kid pictures…whatever you think she’d like the best), and give her a “coupon” for a photography session.

That way you have time to coordinate schedules, picture location, outfits, multiple family members…and have time to make an appointment with your favorite photographer or studio.  Every mom I know loves pictures.

A personalized phone case

One of the best gifts I ever received (and get the most compliments on!) is a personalized iPhone case with my kids’ pictures.  Mine is from Shutterfly – love, love, love this!  And, I can tell you that it is pretty durable (i.e. it withstands my kids dropping it).

Annual subscription to her favorite magazine

The gift that keeps on giving – literally.  Bonus – there always seems to be some sort of magazine subscription deals going on – just search for the one you want and see if there’s any discount available.

If she likes wine…

How cute is this idea I heard about- wrap a bottle of her favorite wine in a new, pretty scarf.  Or take her to a local wine tasting bar for a fun night out!

Yummy smelling lotions, bath stuff or perfume

I personally love this Lavander-scented spa gift set from L’Occitane – delicious!

Of course, the beautiful kid-made gifts

Homemade cards, little projects that little hands made, hand-picked flowers, picture gifts with their kids’ sweet faces, handprints and footprints…anything keepsake and made by the kiddies is always treasured and loved!

Pampering at home

How nice does it sound to (wait for it…) SLEEP IN!

I’m talking a nice, quiet, dark room.  Then a favorite coffee or tea delivered bedside, once mama wakes up. Breakfast in bed is great! (Just make sure mama doesn’t walk into the kitchen later and find the BIG breakfast-making mess). Fresh picked flowers are a plus!  Light some candles around the room.  Bring her a good book…or even some fun magazines for her to leisurely leaf through.  Bath salts or new shower gel for a bath.

Sometimes keeping it simple means the most. (Bonus points:  laundry done, house picked up, kids clean/fed/watered/entertained/happy, while mama is being pampered at home – hey, a mommy can dream, right?!).

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas or ways to spend your day?  Any goodies or ideas that you want to share?  Let’s talk about what moms really want for Mother’s Day!  

And, Happy early Mother’s Day to all!

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Darling Acrylic Photo Blocks [Mother’s Day Gift Idea!]

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I have been a huge ErinCondren.com fan for years now and had to share my new favorite find I recently received as a sweet gift, Erin Condren’s darling acrylic photo blocks, which would also make a perfect Mother’s Day gift idea!

They have a special Erin Condren coupon code good for 40% off all acrylic products through April 30th, so if you think you might want to take advantage and order one for a Mother’s Day gift, get your order in today or tomorrow.

Now let me tell you my story on how I came to find out about these!

Las month I was supposed to go to a SMARTY OC event to hear Erin Condren speak in person. Excited wasn’t even the word.  I am a little obsessed with Erin Condren products, so It was going to be my own “like meeting Oprah” moment. Seriously.

Then Morgan goes and breaks her arm that same afternoon so I had to miss the event. BOO. My partner Susanne went and told Erin how sad I was to have to miss it.

That very next weekend my family went down to the beach and stayed at Crystal Cove. Erin Condren follows me on Instagram, and happened to see some of my family photos from our trip. In case you don’t follow me on IG, please do! This is me –> instagram.com/tinyorangesoc!

While we were at the beach, I snapped two of my favorite photos of all time of my girls and posted them on Instagram. Those images that capture your kids in a moment of pure joy. Loved those photos.

A couple weeks later, an ErinCondren.com box shows up on my doorstep out of the blue. In it were my two favorite Instagram photos displayed in these GORGEOUS acrylic photo blocks with “Crystal Cove 2013” in her signature colorful letters on the back.

I loved them so much I actually teared up! It is a very special family memory on display for me every day.

These would make a personal, thoughtful gift or would be so cute in a nursery or child’s room, or really, just anywhere. They are beautiful.

Thank you Erin for your thoughtfulness and for making my day a happy one!

[Disclosure: I received the photo blocks as a gift, but wanted to blog about them because I love them so much, and I know you will too. Erin Condren has been a long time friend and partner of Tiny Oranges.]

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