OC Blog Awards: The results are in…

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Drum roll please…

The votes were counted…and it was announced…

…thanks to you, my readers and supporters…

Tiny Oranges was voted the “Best Kid & Family Site” in the

“You’ve Just Been Spotted” OC Blog Awards for 2010!!

I AM beyond excited!!! I was lucky enough to win this meaningful award last year, and I was genuinely shocked. I had a 7 week old baby at the time and swore that I misunderstood and didn’t actually hear my name. So to think I would to be fortunate enough to win two years in a row was just too good to be true! So when they called out “Tiny Oranges!” I was absolutely, positively elated!

The party was held last Monday night at Pretend City. And it was a wonderful evening spent chatting with amazing blogger friends, meeting new ones, sampling yummy treats and perusing the table of raffle items for us to cross our fingers and drop in our tickets. {Click HERE to see the great sponsors nice enough to donate their time, talent, services & goodies for this event!}

I didn’t win any of the raffle items, but after winning the award, I did receive a big jar of colorful gumballs {see awesome photo above by the lovely blogger and photographer extraordinaire The Mod Chik.} You should have seen my daughter’s eyes when the jar was “spotted” the next day.

So, from the bottom of my heart, and I mean this more than you will EVER know, THANK YOU so much for voting. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to actually click over, find me on the list and vote for Tiny Oranges! I have the greatest readers in the world – and I am incredibly grateful!

And, for a comprehensive list of ALL the winners and runners-up, click HERE to go to Just Spotted for their list of winning blogs. However, all the blogs on the list of nominees are already winners to me!

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