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Years back when I first had children, I would have seen a flyer for a family estate planning seminar and thought, “I don’t need that – I don’t have anything close to what would be considered an ‘estate’!” When I think of the word ‘estate’ I envision a multi-million dollar mansion. But that’s not true! We all have estates, no matter how big or how small.

An estate is considered any money or property you own. If something were to happen to you, I am sure you have opinions on who you would like that to go to, right?

For parents, a family estate plan includes more than just making sure your money and property is protected, it makes sure your most INvaluable things in life are protected, your children. You better believe I have opinions on who I would want my children raised by and living with if something were to happen to me!!

Because if something were to happen to their parents, legal documents need to be in place to make sure they are cared for by who YOU wanted and your money goes to who YOU want.

If you have children and haven’t put together a family estate plan, this upcoming seminar is for you. It’s free. It’s informational. It’s a no pressure event.

So, get a babysitter to watch your kids for a couple hours, come relax (kid free) and learn more. If childcare is an issue for you – please check out her upcoming events in April here when you can bring your kids with you.

OC Estate Planning Seminar

March 21st, 2015
9am – 11am
Fairmont Hotel Newport Beach
(light breakfast will be served)

March 24th, 2015
11:45am – 1:30pm
Morgan Law Group Office Newport Beach
(light refreshments will be served)

Registration Required to Attend

Space is limited, so registration is required. Click here to sign-up!

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