My Personal “No Phone Zone” Message

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Hey there!  Hope you are enjoying this GORGEOUS Memorial Day Weekend in OC!  Isn’t it an amazing weekend?  Days like this make me feel so blessed to live in Orange County.  I usually don’t post on the weekend, but I have a new post up over at the Orange County Moms Blog that I wanted it share.  It’s about my personal “No Phone Zone” message that came from my 4-year-old daughter…click here to read it!

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My “Perfect” Mother’s Day Outing

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I have a new post up over at the Orange County Moms Blog about my “perfect” Mother’s Day outing and the beauty in learning to search for the perfection in those imperfect moments.   It started with a dream of a perfect afternoon walking around Laguna Beach with my family, then the reality of it set in…

CLICK HERE to read it!

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Orange County Moms Blog

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I am very happy to share that I am one of the contributing bloggers over at the newly launched, Orange County Moms Blog!

This new blog is a regional blog operated by the SV Moms Group and each sister site is focused on sharing the ups, downs, outrages, struggles, victories and humors of everyday motherhood.   The posts will make you laugh out loud, shout at the screen “me too!” or sometimes tear up because, as a mom, you just know.   It is amazing to be a part of such a great group of mommy bloggers that truly exemplify just how CONNECTED we all are as moms, regardless of geography!

It has been so much fun (and also a tad cathartic) to share some of my personal experiences with motherhood.

You can CLICK HERE to visit my category “Jennifer S” and find four of my recent posts including  my thoughts on Barbie, my confession of being a germ-phobe, me as a mommy circus act and my upcoming Half Marathon in two days {GULP} and the lessons I have learned in my training journey. Wish me luck on my 13.1 miles.  I need it. Hopefully I survive to be able to blog about it!

On a totally different note, I just got back from a little 2 day trip out to Scottsdale, Arizona where Bosch Appliances hosted an amazing blogger event called “From Hamper to Hanger” – an event focused on laundry and tips on how to make it easier!  Everything from stain treatment tricks to organization tips from The Container Store. It was incredible and came away with a ton of great ideas.  Look for my posts to come!

Happy weekend!  Have a great one, see you back on Monday! xo Jen

{Disclosure:  The laundry event and travel expenses were paid for by Bosch.}

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