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The Parenting Passport handbook by The Parenting Doctor, Dr. Ann Corwin, is a simple, go-to parenting guidebook for all of your parenting challenges. And quite simply, it is the best $12.95 you will ever spend!

Moms, have you ever heard yourself say any of the following?

“You should know better!”

“I’m not telling you again!”

“I have told you a million times!”

“If you don’t knock that off, we are NOT going to play!” 


I have.  And I know that most times they don’t work, which is why I have found the Parenting Passport to be so amazing.

The Parenting Passport will give you a PLAN; an effective plan of action for the times when you are the heat of the moment an feel like screaming one of the above phrases.

I have heard Dr. Ann speak in person and her philosophy is compelling.  It’s so simple and makes sense.

When hearing her speak, or when reading her Parenting Passport, you will find yourself having many “A-ha!” moments because it is full of them.

Her parenting philosophy is based on the attachment theory and the strong need for the relationship between parent and child.

This relationship is vital to a child’s survival, and this instinctual desire for this relationship with their parents means kids will do whatever they can to get it.

Sometimes this relationship shows itself in love and affection. Other times it can show itself in the forms of power struggles or doing things to “push your buttons.”

Dr. Ann explains that kids are not trying to “push your buttons” but are basically doing what they can to get you to engage in a relationship with them, even if it is one where you are yelling, “I’m not telling you again!” at them.

Because by doing the unsatisfactory behavior, they are getting a relationship with you. You are looking at them, talking (sometimes not in the nicest voice) to them, and often touching them (like grabbing their hand and saying, “LISTEN!”)

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Whether it is bedtime struggles, homework resistance, temper tantrums, potty training madness, hitting, public meltdowns, cleaning up fights, or any other baffling behavior, Dr. Ann’s Parenting Passport will help put an end to your struggles.

And isn’t that what we want most as parents?

You can purchase the Parenting Passport online through the Parenting Doctor website for $12.95.  It’s inexpensive, short, easy-to-read, and is something you can throw in your purse for moral supp0rt any time you need it!

Dr. Ann is a popular local Orange County speaker and expert in her field.  She is also available for phone and in-home consultations.

She is so easy to talk to – talking to her is like talking to a good girlfriend.  With empathy and understanding, she helps YOU figure out how you want YOUR family look and interact.  From there, she helps you put a plan in place to reach your goals for your family in a cooperative team effort.

She helps you become the parent you want to be ~ so empowering and inspiring.

Start with the Parenting Passport and you will see what I mean.

Do you have any questions for Dr. Ann? Email them to me at We are planning a future post where Dr. Ann answers some of your parenting challenges.

[Disclosure: Dr. Ann is a Tiny Oranges sponsor and I am thrilled to share her effective parenting tools and services to help promote happier home environments!]

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