SCOTT Naturals™ Hybrid Paper Products: Green Feels Good

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Good morning mamas! This is my second post in my weekly series this month sponsored by SCOTT Naturals™ celebrating Earth Month and the ways we can all take small steps to better care for our Earth.

Last week was all about five little changes my family has made to be more green.

This week I wanted to share information on the new products offered by SCOTT Naturals™ – the world’s first hybrid line of paper products.

In an ideal world my family would use cloth napkins and towels and wash them conscientiously, but in reality, paper towels and napkins are two products I use every day.

So how do we know if a certain paper product is better for the environment and what exactly does hybrid mean? I am glad you asked because I had the same questions too!

First a little paper 101. It’s pretty interesting and something I am sure many of us [me included] haven’t put a whole lot of thought into.

Virgin fiber is material that comes straight from a tree.

A hybrid paper product is one that is comprised of a combination of virgin fiber and recycled fiber. Therefore, when you use a product with recycled fiber it reduces virgin fiber demand and reducing virgin fiber demand saves trees.

All of the SCOTT Naturals™ products use a combination of recycled materials. Here is the information on the four hybrid paper products offered now in this line:

Bath Tissue

Two-ply and made with 40% recycled fiber combining softness with the green benefits of recycled fiber. Outer packaging is made from 100% recycled fiber.

Paper Towels

Made with 60% recycled fiber featuring fast-absorbing ridges that soak up spills.

The towels offer Choose-A-Size™ sheets that help eliminate waste by allowing moms to get the right amount for the job.

Outer packaging is made from 20% post-consumer recycled plastic and cardboard cores are made from 100% recycled fiber.


Made with 80% recycled fiber. Awesome!

Flushable Moist Wipes

Made with 100% virgin fibers derived from sustainable resources.

These are available in one-by-one dispensing tubs with refill pouches.

My two-year-old is recently potty trained and these have been extremely helpful to use with her.

I find that one flushable wipe tends to do the job of several rounds of TP. That alone is saving trees!

Green feels good! 

SCOTT sent me all of the above products to review and instead of going into the details about thickness or softness, what mattered the most to me was how I felt using them.

Knowing that they are all a combination of recycled materials made me feel good knowing they are a better choice for the environment.

There is a difference in the feel of the products. For example, the paper towels are not thick or fluffy, they are more coarse, but they do the job of cleaning up spilled milk which is all that matters to me!  The one thing that is NOT coarse is the bath tissue.  It is soft, but thinner than traditional rolls. However, just feeling this difference reminds me that they are using less virgin fiber and less trees.

In fact, if everyone tried SCOTT Naturals™ for four weeks, together we would save over 2 million trees.

Are you ready to give them a try?

SCOTT Naturals™ invites you to take the 4 Week Test Drive this month.Simply go to and pledge to switch to SCOTT Naturals™ for four weeks and try their selection of hybrid products.

When you make the pledge, you will enter in your zip code, and the state with the most pledges can win $50,000 towards local forest and land conservation efforts to preserve America’s great outdoors. Click HERE and take the pledge!

[Disclosure: SCOTT Naturals™ is compensating me for my time and participation in this campaign. All of the above are my honest opinions, as always. I will be making the switch to SCOTT Naturals™ now that I know the difference they can make in the environment and have taken the 4 Week Test Drive pledge! I hope you will too!]

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