Strike! A Bowlmor Lanes Bowling Birthday Party

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This post is written by Susanne and has great ideas for a bowling theme birthday party! Sounds like so much fun for the kids and Bowlmor Lanes in Tustin is an amazing venue to host your party! Here is all about Susanne’s daughter’s birthday and some of the cute theme ideas they incorporated into their bowling soiree…

“Last May my oldest daughter, Sadie, decided that she had to have a bowling birthday for her 5th birthday…in November. Gotta love a planner! I checked out some of the local options online and Bowlmor Lanes quickly became my first choice!

Their original location opened in NYC back in 1938- I loved that the decor is kind of a throw back to that golden age of Bowling, but in a totally modern, CLEAN, high-tech & upscale design. You walk in and just FEEL like you should be having FUN!

[Photo credit: Bowlmor Lanes]

And this place is a full service party venue!

They aim to make your party completely hassle free, so you can enjoy and not have to work at your own party. When you arrive your Event Host meets you at the front and is there to help make sure everyone is having a good time, eating, opening presents, etc… They are great about checking in and moving the party along schedule.

They have several packages to choose from, one even includes printed invitations, custom birthday cakes, a sign-able bowling pin and a $5 gift card favors towards the guests next Bowlmor experience.


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