Dr. Brandie Metz: The Best OC Pediatric Dermatologist

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Recently I had a not-so-great experience at a OC pediatric dermatologist we saw for a skin condition for Emma so I considered it a stroke of brilliant luck when I happened upon Dr. Brandie Metz’s Pediatric Dermatology of Orange County Facebook page when I saw that a friend of mine “liked it.”

After reading her responses to people who posted on her wall, I could tell I already liked her before even “liking” her page!

I emailed my friend if she was happy with her and she wrote back “LOVE her!” which was all I needed to make an appointment.  After visiting Dr. Metz, I now feel so blessed to have found (in my opinion) the best OC pediatric dermatologist and was compelled to pass on her info to you.

Treating newborns to teens, she handles anything having to do with the skin, hair or nails. Newly opened in a brand new facility in Irvine, her office is beautiful.

Her goal in starting her own practice was to create a warm, kid-friendly atmosphere where the patient and parents come first. And from my point of view, this was exactly the experience we had.

From the moment I called to make an appointment, Chris, who answered the phone immediately radiated positive vibes. Probably the friendliest person I have ever talked to at a doctor’s office!

Then when we arrived both Emma and I were treated like VIP’s. Both Chris, who checked us in, and Candace, the medical assistant who got all of our information were just lovely and immediately put us both at ease.

Using iPad’s for check-in, consent forms, and patient information, the office is migrating to a paperless system. I sort of felt like I was in a medical office of the future. Very cool.

However, in her patient rooms, she has a “no computer” policy, meaning that when she is talking to you and your child, she believes in face-to-face conversation. Can you see why we loved her so much?

A mom herself of a four-year-old little girl (mom and daughter pictured above), that fact truly felt made a big difference seeing that she could relate to me as a fellow mom.

Isn’t there just some unspoken bond that exists when you are talking to another mom?

She was so good with Emma. I felt like my daughter’s care and comfort came first. She explained everything to her clearly and spoke to her with respect.

I also appreciated how she spoke and explained things to me too. I think talking to the moms must even be harder than the kids with all of our worries and questions!

She was so incredibly knowledgable and I found out was fellowship trained in pediatric dermatology so treating our little ones is her speciality and passion.

She treats a wide array of skin conditions, from birthmarks, port wine stains, moles, eczema, warts, molluscum, acne, to rashes and more.

And I thought it was fascinating that for treatments that would require a surgical procedure, she does the procedures she can in her office and has a pediatric anesthesiologist come to her office to administer the anesthesia when needed.

She says she finds, especially with children, that being able to do these sorts of procedures in her office versus a hospital makes the children (and parents!) feel more at ease.

I can’t more highly recommend Dr. Brandie Metz and her practice.

I have added her under “Doctors” in my OC Biz Guide if you ever need quick reference to get all of her information and here it is again so you know where to find her!

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