Umbilical Cyst Surgery

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My two-year-old, Morgan is having surgery on Monday to remove a growth on her belly button which is what they think is some sort of umbilical cyst.

It has gotten bigger as she has, and after visiting with a pediatric surgeon, we learned there is risk of it getting infected, so it has to be removed.

I am sure when she is bikini shopping 15 years from now she will be thanking us for getting it taken care of before she can remember. But as a mom, the thought of her having surgery is rough.

I was hoping it would be a quick procedure with a local anesthetic, but at her age, she has to be put under for the surgery and the thought of it scares me.

Then I think about parents that have to endure multiple surgeries with their kids for far worse circumstances, and I realize I am incredibly lucky this is so minor in comparison.

But it doesn’t make me feel less nervous.

As I was carrying her across the parking lot for the consult, she had her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and she gave me a big squeeze and said, “Love you mama!” Every time she says that my heart nearly explodes.

At that moment, I was overwhelmed with this feeling of being one with her.

No one can prepare you for the depth of emotion you feel for your your kids. She is a part of me and whatever happens to her, is happening to me.

Times 100.

Please keep positive thoughts for us on Monday that all goes well.  And if anyone has advice on going through a surgery with a toddler, would love your insight, advice and tips.

One of my friends recommended putting her in a diaper for the procedure even though she is potty trained. Her daughter woke up from the anesthesia and peed – would have never thought of that one.

Someone else told me that they will likely give her some “happy juice” before she goes in so that she is loopy and not crying and hysterical.  My biggest fear is the thought of her looking at me and crying as they wheel her away. So I hope that the happy juice is real.

Here  is a photo of it, as I am sure you are probably curious what an umbilical cyst is!

When she was a baby I just thought her belly button was going to be an “outie,” but it was an outie that kept growing and growing.

Wish us luck – thanks in advance for your thoughts and support.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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