Maldon Sea Salt Flakes ~ Your Food Will LOVE You!

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Have you ever had a bite of sea salt that nearly broke your tooth?  Or too fine of a grain you could hardly taste it?  You’ve got to try Maldon Sea Salt Flakes ~ your food will LOVE you!

Recently my husband (Mike) & I went on a date night to Pizzeria Mozza which was a HEAVENLY culinary experience.  One of the appetizers we ordered was the bone marrow which they brought to the table with toasts, slow cooked garlic in olive oil, celery micro greens & a little dish of this amazingly light but large flakes of sea salt that dissolve quickly as they hit your tongue.  The combination of all the flavors was divine!

When the server came to clear the course Mike grabbed the little dish of salt & kept enjoying little pinches of it all throughout our meal.

We found out it’s called Maldon Sea Salt Flakes and a few days later a little package arrived on our doorstep and we’ve been enjoying it in our kitchen ever since!   (Mike found it here for just $6.49 + free shipping!)

We’ve been cooking with it, putting a little pinch on a salad, heck we’ve been putting a little pinch on ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!

It’s the PERFECT Sea Salt!



Your Sus Chef

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