meet christy



I love being a mama. Β And, I love sharing parenthood with my amazing husband, John!

Especially to our two little sweethearts – my daughter, Elizabeth, (6 going on 16), and my 4-year-old “man baby,” Nathan (he has always been in the 99% for height, so hence the man-baby nickname). They keep me on my toes. All.the.time.

I LOVE experiencing everything with them (the good, the bad, the funny, the happy, the irritating, the challenging, the sweet, and the oh-my-God-did-my-kids-actually-just-do-that-in-public moments).

I am a big believer in fresh air, getting on the floor and playing with my kids, arts and crafts, manners, teaching them about service to others, imagining, experiencing life outside of the house…and middle of the day kid rests. Oh, and caffeine. Lots of caffeine.

I love writing, running (I completed my first marathon last year in San Francisco), playing with my kids, date nights with my hubby, family dinners, reading (when I can), coffee (any way shape or form), time with my mama friends, and advocating for cancer research (specifically with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).

And I love good old fashioned snail mail.


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