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I was searching the web recently to see when kids typically stop napping (because I dread the day) and found this cool chart along with other sleep info.  I rely on my daughter’s nap SO much to get things done.   I can’t imagine when the nap stops!  Just curious, those with older kids, when did they give up the nap?    Please post a comment here!  

Speaking of sleep, I think I said the word “sleep” more in the first year of my daughter’s life, than in all 33 of my years combined!  I was obsessed with it.  I was more tired than I have ever been in my life, on the fast train to loonyville for sure.   Looking back now I realize that period of time when no one is sleeping really went fast in the whole scheme of things, but when you are a first time mom, doesn’t it feel like you will never sleep again!?! 

After months and months of night-wakings and sleep deprivation, my cousin (and mothering guru) recommended a book she loved on the all important topic.   The book is called  “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” by Dr. Weissbluth, and it totally worked for us.  It was miraculous.  So, if you are sleep deprived and looking for some help, this one is definitely worth giving a shot. 

P.S. Is it weird that MY ideal night’s sleep is the same as a 10-year old???

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Pomme Bebe Halloween Party!

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Come celebrate Pomme Bebe’s 1st birthday at their 2nd annual Halloween Party this Thursday!  Here are the details:

Pomme Bebe Halloween Party
Thursday, 10/30
10:00am – 3:00pm
2043 Westcliff Drive, Suite 106
Newport Beach CA 92660

All the fun includes:
Costume contest at 11am, 12pm & 1:30pm with prizes for everyone!
Fun arts & crafts
Photo keepsake by Sandy Heit Photography
Free Pomme Bebe Winter Meal
Lots of delicious organic food & refreshments!

Pomme Bebe was founded by Svetla Lazarova Kibota (mompreneur extraordinaire) who wanted to bring flavorful, nutritious, convenient organic cuisine to families wanting to give their children the best.  Why choose organic? She writes:

“You have heard all of the benefit of eating organic food as an adult, but is even more important when in comes to the health of your baby. Because baby food is mostly comprised of concentrated fruits or vegetables, babies are often exposed to higher levels of concentrated pesticides. During the first few years of life, when children’s bodies are developing, they are especially vulnerable to the effects of toxins. Feeding your little one organic food is one of the best ways of curbing the negative effects of pesticides and hormones. This is what consumer report had to say about feeding your baby organic food : A study supported by the Environmental Protection Agency and published in 2005 measured pesticide levels in the urine of 23 children in Washington State before and after a switch to an organic diet. After five consecutive days on the diet, researchers found that pesticide levels had decreased to undetectable levels, and remained that way until their conventional diets were reintroduced. The study’s conclusion: An organic diet provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against pesticide exposure.”

Hooray!  It’s a Tiny Giveaway!   Pomme Bebe is giving away a $50 gift certificate to a lucky winner!   To enter (one email per person), please send me an email with POMME BEBE in the subject line to   Include the answer to this question:  Name one item on their delicious menu.  Hint: Click here to see the menus!    You can enter all week, emails must be in by Friday, 10/31 at 5pm PST.   I will post the winner on Monday!  

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The Baby Guy

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I wish I had better images to post on this one, but The Baby Guy at the OC Swap Meet doesn’t have a website (yet…looks like it is in the works!) In any case, he is located in the J row (#240) at the OC swap meet. If you are like me and get overwhelmed by the swap meet, here is how to find him!    Park, enter, turn right, look on the ground at the letters until you reach “J”, turn down the “J” aisle and he can be found on the right hand side.   I love his shopping cart/high chair covers.  They are big, cute, plush and come in lots of cute fabrics (many Hawaiian themed, which I think is cute for OC.)   I was a total germ-phobe my daughter’s first year, so I took my shopping cart cover everywhere!  Still do!  They even fit the Costco carts.   At only $38, they make a great shower gift.   He also sells many bibs, blankies, diaper organizers, as well as custom crib bedding.    I also love his big oversized bibs that are covered in plastic with little catch alls at the bottom.   We used it a ton when she was learning to eat solids and it was so easy to clean because you just wipe off the plastic and don’t have to throw it in the wash every time.  

The Baby Guy * Gerry Dominici
J-240 at the Orange County Marketplace * Costa Mesa, CA, every Sat. & Sun. Click here for directions.

Have a great weekend everyone!  I will see you back on Monday with another fun giveaway!

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Guest Blog – Me Too Chair

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I saw this posted in our Tiny Forum from one of our fellow mommies and wanted to share it with everyone because this product looks awesome!

“We just got back from a two week international vacation with our two little ones. One of the things I bought that was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO useful was the Phil and Ted’s “metoo” highchair. It was SO wonderful. It folds completely flat and was so easy to pack in our suitcase (or back pack, duffle bag, etc.) and it was easy to use and so sturdy! I highly recommend it for travel or for anyone that wants and easy, safe portable high chair (this is also going to be great for the Grandparents house!)”

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Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch

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I had been hearing about Tanaka Farms in Irvine through the pumpkin vine (hee hee), so we ventured out to check it out last week.  It is just DARLING!  Only bummer was that it was sooooo hot that day!   It felt like 100 degrees and the sun was really intense.  Do you ever remember it being this hot in mid-October?  I am really longing for some crisp Fall weather.  These hot temps have seemed to last forever this year!

Moving on, Tanaka Farms is this darling little farm off University Dr. in Irvine.   They have family events going year round, and right now you can go out and visit their awesome pumpkin patch!  There were a ton of things for the kids…”u pick” pumpkins, pick your own vegetable patch, corn maze, tractor rides, and a pretty big petting zoo.   When you pull into the parking lot, you will see the petting zoo on the corner off of University Dr., then you will pull into a dirt parking lot.   You will walk to the entrance off the parking lot to get to the enormous pumpkin patch.   There, you can buy tickets for the tractor rides and petting zoo.   We took the tractor down to the petting zoo, so you can use it like a shuttle.   Or, you can walk there too.   We went on a weekday, but it seems like there is even more stuff going on during the weekends. 

We met a nice lady there who was super enthusiastic about the farm and told us about their strawberry event in the spring.   I guess you can go and pick your own strawberries and actually eat them right off the vine since this farm is totally organic!  Isn’t that cool?  She said the kids love it!  We will definitely check that out when the time comes.  

The pumpkin patch is open daily from 9am – 6pm through October 31st. 

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