Whole Foods Market Sun Care Sale

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Whole Foods Market Sun Care Sale

 This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whole Foods Market.

Several years ago my father was diagnosed with Stage I melanoma and since that time I have been passionate about spreading the word about regular skin checks and sun protection.

We are in the sun year round in sunny SoCal, so we need to be especially careful.

Whole Foods Market Sun Care Sale

Save big this Memorial Day Weekend at Whole Foods Markets nationwide where you can save 30% on all sun care and aloe products. The four day sale will run Friday, 5/23/14 through Monday,  5/26/14.

Such a great time to stock up for summer!

Sun Safety Tips


What is the right SPF number?

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone wear a  water resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30.  Broad-spectrum means the sunscreen protects against both UVA and UVA rays. It’s important to make sure your sun block says “broad-spectrum” on the label.

How frequently should I apply sunscreen?

Re-apply every two hours, or after swimming or sweating.

What are physical sunscreens?

Chemical sunscreens protect skin by absorbing the sun’s rays by seeping deep within the skin.

Physical sunscreens utilize zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as active ingredients to sit on top of the skin and physically block the sun’s rays.  They work immediately and do not seep into the skin. Zinc oxide is protective against UVA and UVB rays.

What are nano-particles?

Recently nano-sized physical sunscreens have been developed which apply smoothly on the skin. The use of these ingredients is relatively new and long-term effects are unknown.

What else can I do to protect myself? 

In addition to applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing like long sleeves and hats are helpful, as is seeking out shade or staying out of the sun during the hours of 10am – 2pm when the sun is the strongest.


Whole Foods Market Premium Body Care

If you are concerned about chemicals in sunscreens, Whole Foods Markets Premium Body Care products prohibit chemical sunscreen active ingredients and are carefully screened for particle size.

So even though these non-nano, physical sunscreens may apply with a slightly white film, you will be assured these products do not contain chemical sunscreens or non-particles.

Look for the Premium Body Care label on products that have been prescreened by Whole Foods Market.

My Whole Foods Market Sun Care Finds


Recently I went to stock up on my own family’s sunscreen for summer at the Whole Foods Market in Newport Beach. I wanted to share some of my finds and faves with you.


Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen SPF 45 Broad Spectrum

This sunscreen is made from 100% vegetarian ingredients and uses no parabens, phthalates or harmful sulfates.

It is broad spectrum SPF 45 and water resistant for up to 80 minutes.  I like this one for the times when my kids will be swimming a lot due to the water resistance factor.

The scent is super yummy, reminds me of herbs, has a white film, but rubs in nicely.


Kiss My Face Sun Spray Lotion SPF 30  

My kids REALLY prefer a spray sunscreen so it is nice to have a natural spray option.

I like the fact that this one is easy to apply (it sprays on like a lotion) and is easy to rub in. It is free of parabens and nano-particles, is broad-spectrum and water resistant up to 40 minutes.

This one is great for the times when you need to reapply at the beach to make sure those sand castle building shoulders are protected.


Babo Botanicals Clear Zinc Sport Stick SPF 30

Nothing is more important to me than making sure my little one’s faces are protected from sunburn and this is the first zinc stick I have found that goes on CLEAR. It really does! In addition, it has a pleasant smell.

Although it says Sport Stick, it doesn’t say “water resistant”, so this is more of a stick I would use at the park or for outdoor activities, not necessarily extended periods of swimming.

 It is also broad-spectrum and chemical free.


Alba Botanica SPF 15 Daily Shade

I like this product for the days when I will likely get incidental sun exposure, because as we know, the AAD recommends an SPF of at least 30 for protection.

I use this product like a lotion on the days when I will not be out in the sun for long periods of time, but will be in and out of the sun during the day for short periods, like at school pick up, etc.

Do you have any favorite natural sunscreens to share?

Visit www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list to find a Whole Foods Market near you and follow @WFMOrangeCounty to stay up to date on the latest deals and events on Twitter and here are the local Whole Foods Market Facebook pages by location:

Tustin: www.facebook.com/WFMjamboree
Newport: www.facebook.com/WholeFoodsMarketNewportBeach
Laguna Niguel: www.facebook.com/WholeFoodsMarketLagunaNiguel
Laguna Beach: www.facebook.com/WFMlagunabeach
Huntington Beach: www.facebook.com/WFMHuntingtonBeach

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

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Kindergarten Transition Tip

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Kindergarten Transition Tips


This post is on kindergarten transition tips and something I did when my oldest (now a 2nd grader) was going into kindergarten to help her with the transition. Now my youngest will be going to kindergarten next year, and I am organizing the same kindergarten summer play group for her this summer.

At our preschool, the kids all go on to different kindergartens because there are a large number of both private and public schools close by.  Very few kids from her preschool actually go on to our specific elementary school.

By organizing a summer play group of kids going to the same kindergarten in the fall, it’s a way for the kids to meet some new friends and have some familiar faces on the playground once the school year starts.

Here are some kindergarten transition tips on how to organize your own group for summer.

Organize a Kindergarten Summer Play Group

1. Find one mom to be the organizer (you?!)

2. Set up a shared online spreadsheet of people who want to join.

I like to use Google Docs. You can also create your own spreadsheet to email, I just find an online sign up sheet is easiest. In the top columns I list: Parent’s Names, Child’s Name Going to Kinder, Boy/Girl?, Current Preschool, Email Address, Best Cell, Address, Siblings and Ages, If On Facebook Name to Friend

On the Sharing Settings, I select, “Share with anyone with the link.” This means if you share the link, people will be able to enter in their information, and see the other people’s information.  Don’t set it to public.

3. Start spreading the word (and the spreadsheet) around.

I started by emailing the spreadsheet to a handful of people I knew with kindergarteners going to our school next year, and told them to send it to anyone they know with kids also going.  I also tried to find one person at each of the local preschools in our area with a child going to our school so they could keep their ears open.

I would get this process going now, so that you can get a list together by the start of summer.  My Kindergarten Meet Up Group for this summer already has 31 kids in it! It’s amazing how quickly it can grow.

Summer Play Dates 

Once summer arrives, you can send out a Doodle.com poll to see what days/times seem to work best for the majority of the people.  Then, all you have to do is pick a date and a place to meet up! Local parks, beach, bay, you name it.

If your particular school is open during the summer, meeting at the school playground is also a great idea.

I like doing an Evite.com invite for the events because it avoids the mass email and responses.  Plus, then people can easily see who is going.

For the first get together, even though it is dorky, I like doing name tags for the kids and for the adults because it is hard to keep everyone’s names straight if you have a big group. People tend to be really open (and appreciative) of this idea. Either that, or they are humoring me.

Elementary School is a Family Journey

The elementary years are a journey, one you will experience with the same families for years to come.  It’s really nice to get a head start on meeting some of these families and to see some smiling faces both you and your child recognize on the first day.

Do you have any kindergarten transition tips to share? Would love to hear them!

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Lorna Jane Active Living

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Lorna Jane Review for Moms

[Disclosure: Complimentary Lorna Jane gift card provided.}

Recently I was contacted by a representative of Lorna Jane, an Australian-based activewear company, with an opportunity to do a Lorna Jane review for my mom readers.

I was not familiar with Lorna Jane, so I went to their website to check out their stylish workout clothes. I learned the brand is relatively new to the U.S. market, but going on 25 years strong overseas and was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of locations in Orange County, including one close to me at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.

After learning more about the brand, including their mission to inspire women to lead their best life through Active Living, I was curious to check out their line of stylish activewear.


One step in Lorna Jane Fashion Island and I was immediately struck by their bright, colorful pieces and inspirational quotes on the walls, including their company philosophy, MOVE NOURISH BELIEVE.

I couldn’t wait to dig into the racks and try on some goodies. There is nothing better than having a few new workout pieces to add into the mix for a little extra push to get out the door.

Let’s Get to the Point

One of my first questions was about the price point, so I am going to answer that up front because you might be wondering too.

The answer is pricey, comparable pricey to other luxury activewear lines.

But for me, investing in high quality workout wear is so worth it. For the amount I am in my workout clothes, and for how versatile they are, meaning you can (and often have to) wear them from gym to life activities, it is worth it to buy quality pieces that fit and look good.

5 Stylish Looks for Real Moms

I wanted to show you a sample of different Lorna Jane looks for real moms like us.

I am not a fitness model. Typing that made me laugh, so please humor me with the photos and poses below. If you were there that day you would have heard my giggles.

I am just a real mom, 39 years old, who wants to feel good in a workout outfit I can wear outside of the gym. These pieces completely fit the bill.

# 1 – Workout to School Pickup 

LornaJane1 This outfit was the perfect example of something you could wear for a class or run.

I like 3/4 length of the pants and the Influence Zip Through jacket it is the perfect cover up for running errands after getting in a workout.

I also found the jackets to be really flattering in cut and style. This is important when you might be running around in it all day.

The mesh tank is also one of my faves – picked one up for myself as a matter of fact!  Great for layering over a jog bra for a run or class and is lightweight.

Don’t Wait 3/4 Tight $87.99

Kira Sports Bra $69.99

Dantelle Excel Tank $59.99

Influence Excel Zip Through $149.99


# 2 – Lorna Jane Yoga Wear 


After having two kids, my chest is, um, less than ample.

The Lorna Jane sports bras and built-in tanks had the most fabulous removable pads to give you some shape (THANK YOU very much.)

No more “jog bra pancake chest!”

The fabric on this tank shown had just the right amount of “suck you in” factor. In fact the description on the website of the tank is, “maximum support slim-fit tank.”  I would absolutely agree.

Amy F/L Tight $82.00

Madison Excel Stripe Tank $69.99

# 3 – Get in Your Mileage with a Message

LornaJane2 Whether hitting the trails or treadmill, every runner can use all the inspiration they can get, which is why I adore this “i run for me” tank.

I also got a pair of these amazing reversible tights.  They are extremely soft and I love the drawstring.

Plus, talk about the most bang for your buck – the pink side reverses to navy.

Two pairs of workout pants in one!

LJ Reversible 7/8 Tight $96.99

Pammy Bra – White $59.99

Run for Me Mesh Tank $62.99

# 4 – Lorna Jane Lifestyle Pieces


The sales associate told me, out of all the Lorna Jane pieces, the Amy Tight (available in 3/4 and F/L lengths) is the one staple every gal must have. I agreed. Super flattering with their panel lines on the back and legs.

I also fell in love with this Miami Long Sleeve Top, the perfect piece to throw over after yoga or working out. It’s cute enough to even wear alone (no workout necessary!)

Amy F/L Tight $82.00

Pammy Bra – Black $55.00

Miami Long Sleeve Top $59.99

# 5 – Let’s Hear it for the Boy (Short!) 

LornaJane3 Lorna Jane running shorts offer something unique – boy shorts built in underneath to take care of any potential riding up issues.


We paired it with another inspirational tank, “Busy Working Out,” which happened to be one of the softest garments ever.

Almost felt like a pajama tank!

Phoenix Active Run Short, $64.99

Busy Working Out Tank, $39.99

Comfort Sports Bra, $65.99

Lorna Jane gets in new fun pieces every month, designed by active women for women.

Thanks for hosting me Lorna Jane, you might be my new BFF. Smooch!


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Get #ComfortableWithThat

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I am a Serta brand ambassador and have received complimentary products and compensation for my participation in the program. 

Selfie Sweepstakes  

With selfies being all the rage this days, you now have the chance to snap your best selfie (duck face optional) while testing out one of Serta Mattresses’ iComfort or iSeries models and you might win one of their premium iComfort Scrunch Pillows!

The Serta Mattresses Selfie Sweepstakes is going now through May 30th, 2014, with one winner being selected every day.  Yep, they are giving away a pillow a day.

How to Enter the #ComfortableWithThat Sweeps

1. Follow @SertaMattresses on Twitter and/or Instagram.
2. Stop by a local Serta retailer to check out their iComfort and iSeries mattress displays.
3. Snap a selfie doing your test rest on either an iComfort or iSeries bed during the contest dates.
4. Share your photo on Twitter or Instagram telling why you are #ComfortableWithThat using that hashtag and #SertaSweeps along with the name and city of the retailer.

A sample tweet or Instagram update could look like, “I’m #ComfortableWithThat at Macy’s in Costa Mesa. #SertaSweeps”

The Difference Between iComfort and iSeries

For anyone not familiar, the iComfort mattresses are memory foam models with an all-foam support core to balance proper support and pressure relieving comfort. My husband and I have been sleeping on the iComfort for three years now. We love it – here’s why.

The iSeries is a memory foam hybrid bed which is a combo of traditional innerspring and memory foam. My girls both sleep dreamily on iSeries mattresses. Here is how we chose their mattresses.

Always Comfortable

Visit Serta’s YouTube Channel for funny commercials and customer testimonials. This one is my favorite. Would you be #ComfortableWithThat?

Good luck in the Selfie Sweepstakes!

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Want to be an All-Star Cheerleader?

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Stealth All Stars


Do you have a child who wants to be an all-star cheerleader? Stealth All-Stars at Team OC, home of national and world champion cheerleading teams, is holding tryouts next week for the 2014-2015 season.

Stealth All-Star’s professional USASF-certified cheer staff is dedicated to giving each cheerleader the ultimate cheer experience.   Their mission is to provide quality instruction to children that will help them excel in sports and in life, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Their beautiful 45,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Costa Mesa features the most comprehensive cheer equipment in the country.

About Stealth All-Stars

Stealth All-Stars made its debut in the season of 2007-2008, offering four competitive teams. As of 2012, they were up to 10 competitive teams, including two Worlds teams, one of which was a 2012 Worlds bronze medalist, and a 2013 Worlds gold medalist.

Their program focuses on providing a positive environment where your kids can grow and achieve their goals.

My favorite part of their philosophy? (especially since I am a mama of a six-year-old little girl) They believe that “drama” belongs in the theater, not on the cheerleading mat.  Love it.

Tryout Details

Join them next week for their official tryouts from May 19 to 22, 2014. All ages and skill levels are welcome.

You can also schedule private tryouts by appointment, if you prefer.

Dress code for tryouts include:

– Athletic T-shirt and shorts/pants with no buttons, zippers or snaps.

– Hair must be in a ponytail.

– Shoes are optional (as they take them off to jump on the trampoline).

– Food and gum are not allowed in the cheer area – only bottled water is permitted.

For more information, or to schedule a private tryout, you can contact their cheer program coordinator, Nora Wiederspahn, at Noraw@teamocfun.com or call (714) 444-1144.

Mark Your Calendar!

Ages 8 and under (4-year-old age minimum)
Monday May 19 & Wednesday May 21
3:30-5 p.m.

Ages 12 and over
Monday May 19 & Wednesday May 21

5-6:30 p.m.

Ages 9 to 11
Tuesday, May 20 & Thursday, May 22
5-6:30 p.m. 

You can download their cheer tryout application here.

Let us know how it goes! Goooooo Team OC Stealth All-Stars!

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