Make Mom Happy at Montage

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If you want to make mom happy this Mother’s Day, consider one of these special events and promotions going on at Montage Laguna Beach. From lavish brunches to spa bliss, Montage knows exactly how to celebrate moms!

Grand Ballroom Celebration
10:30am – 4pm

Take mom to the best place for Mother’s Day brunch in Orange County with a sumptuous 12-station spread including live music and a keepsake photo. $105/adult; $40/child 4-12 yrs.

The Loft
12 – 3pm

Does mom prefer lunch to brunch? Take the family to The Loft and enjoy a four-course prix-fixe menu (choice of appetizer, entree, cheese and dessert) as well as a glass of sparkling wine upon seating. $85/adult; $30/child 4 – 12 yrs.

4:00 – 9:00pm

After a delightful family day, get a sitter and take mom out for a date night to celebrate in peace with a five-course Chef’s Tasting Menu at Studio. $125 per person; $200 per person with wine pairings (A la carte menu also available.)

Click here or call 949.715.6420 for reservations.

Looking for the perfect gift for mom? I don’t know a mama who wouldn’t relish some much deserved time to relax at a spa. Add in the beauty and splendor of Spa Montage Laguna Beach and mom might think she has gone to heaven!

A Day of Indulgence

Starting from $215, this OC spa special includes one 60-minute massage or facial, lunch from Mosaic Bar and Grille, a sunset yoga class plus full use of the Spa Montage facilities all day. Click here to learn more. This special is valid Monday – Thursday, so line up childcare, give mom a break and send her to the spa on a weekday and she just might cry some tears of happiness!

Ashley Turner Yoga Workshops: Saturday May 12th & Sunday May 13th

I have written and raved about these workshops on numerous occasions. Enlightening, spiritual and soul-charging. All levels are welcome, and each two hour session is only $65 each, which includes full use of the Spa Facilities for the day. Click here to learn more about the May retreat on Mother’s Day Weekend.

Say “Thank You and I Love You and I Appreciate You” with a Montage Gift Card

Let mom decide for herself if she would like to use it on a getaway, fine dining or spa service with a Montage Gift Card. Two words: Slam dunk.

Call 949.715.6010 to reserve your yoga mat or make a spa appointment.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

[Disclosure: Montage Resorts is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor]

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Spa Montage Monthly Yoga Retreats with Ashley Turner

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When I was thinking of what to write in the graphic above (taken from, the first sentence that came to mind when describing the Ashley Turner monthly yoga retreats at Spa Montage Laguna Beach was “you just HAVE to experience it for yourself!”

A GEM of a find in OC, Spa Montage started this monthly series in 2010 as part of their Mind-Body-Yoga program and created a one-of-a-kind exclusive yoga retreat that is the best deal EVER.

The yoga workshop, held over the course of one weekend a month, consists of a series of two hour yoga classes of which you can choose to do one or all. At only $65/class, the price also includes complimentary FULL DAY access to the spa facilities at Spa Montage including:

* Roman tubs, Nordic plunge, botanical steam, indoor/outdoor relaxation rooms, silent fireplace lounge, Tuscan sauna and Vischy showers
* Post-class organic green juice blend
* Seasonal fruits and teas
* Oceanfront fitness center
* Access to the beautiful Spa Montage ocean bluffs pool

I wrote a long post about my experience at Ashley’s retreat HERE in case you want to read more about what you can expect to experience.

I love her classes so much I made it a 2012 goal of mine to make it to at least one class every quarter as they truly inspire me and recharge not only my body, but also my mind.

Next class is this weekend. For the schedule of upcoming weekends click HERE then click on Wellness Programs -> Workshops.  Reservations required, and the classes do fill up, so call early to reserve your spot if you know you want to go!

It is an amazing way to spend a day with girlfriends, alone or with your husband or partner. Heck, it doesn’t matter who you go with, you just have to go! * 
Tweet with @AshleyTurner1 on Twitter * Find Ashley Turner Yoga on Facebook

[Disclosure: Montage Resorts is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor. Visit Spa Montage under the “Spas” Category in our OC Biz Guide! Such an honor to work with this amazing property.]

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Montage Yoga Retreats with Ashley Turner

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Two of my best girlfriends and I from college try to make it a point to get together about once every three months (without kids) to catch up and share our mommy struggles and laughs.  Last month we decided to get together at a spa on the day before Mother’s Day as a little “Happy Mother’s Day” gift to ourselves.

As it happened, while I was writing this post on the monthly yoga retreats offered at Montage Laguna Beach called the “E-volve” Wellness workshop and retreat series I noticed that one of the retreats happened to fall on that same Saturday so I forwarded the info to my friends to ask if they wanted to try it out.

Both of them quickly responded with, “Um, Montage? Laguna Beach? Spa? Yoga? Let me think about it…HECK YES!””

And, get this!! At the cost of only $65 per person per 2 hour workshop the fee also includes use of the spa pool and facilities for the day.

We planned to take full advantage of this amazing offer and event, so we made a reservation for the afternoon workshop, but arrived around 10am so that we would have time to enjoy the spa facilities and lunch by the pool before yoga.

When we arrived and walked into the lobby the view was so spectacular we had to step out onto the terrace to take it all in.

The property is so beautiful it almost doesn’t even look real.

Then we headed over to the Spa, which is a GORGEOUS facility that feels more like being in someone’s incredibly upscale home. Insanely elegant but yet still comfortable. Hands down one of the all time most incredible spas I have EVER been to. Amazing.

One of my friends had such a stressful week the week prior that when she got to the spa and hugged us “hello” she actually started crying from a place of HAPPINESS.  Oh, how intensely you appreciate a little break when you are a mom!!!

After we got over our tears of happiness, we got settled, made ourselves a cup of flavored tea and headed to the Jacquzzi area to sit in the comfy lounge chairs and chat.

It was so awesome to rotate between lounging, Jacquzzi, steam and then the cold plunge pool. Soooo relaxing. And just so amazing to have uninterrupted time to TALK!

After enjoying the facilities, we headed out to the pool to grab some lunch at the Mosaic Bar and Grille.  The spa pool is completely separate and had again, the most incredible view.

Even on an overcast May day, it was perfect!

Here are the three very happy mamas…

Just look at this view from our table…

After a LOVELY and very YUMMY lunch we went to change and get ready for our yoga session.  I really didn’t know what to expect, but had done a lot of reading about Ashley Turner, so I was really looking forward to experiencing her workshop.  Her philosophy and style sounded so unique.  Take a moment to read about her.  Really interesting.

And isn’t she gorgeous?!  We got into the studio and it is just the most breathtaking room with an ocean breeze and views of the Pacific.  So serene.

Ashley was so warm and down to earth. Sometimes I get intimidated in yoga classes because I am far from being a yogi. But I felt very comfortable in her class.

The first 1 hour and approximately 15 minutes consisted of vinyasa style yoga and stretching. It felt so good to completely stretch every muscle in my body. I didn’t realize how tight I was until I started doing the different poses.

She focuses on dynamic vinyasa style, which means that it was a flowing style, or one pose into the next.   But even someone that had never done yoga before could do it.  It was the type of class that where you could adapt the poses to your level. Which for me, was beginner!

Her yoga class was unlike ANY other I have ever experienced because throughout the practice she interspersed various inspirational ideas and pieces of wisdom.

Although her classes are for men and women, that day in particular the workshop was on “Celebrating the Feminine” in honor of Mother’s Day weekend so the focus was on the strength, power, beauty and fluidity we possess as women.

During the class she also challenged us to explore our inner intentions and at one point when we were in a pose, she urged us to take any parts or issues in our lives that were unsettled and to bring them to the forefront of our minds for reflection. We also did this for the areas in which we felt gratitude.

It was a gift to take the time, while deeply relaxed, to really reflect on my life. How often do you get to do that in your normal daily routine?

Another nugget of wisdom I took away was how she said we get “prana” or vital life energy from the influences of water and nature.  So just by being aware of rooting our feet in the earth we were taking in energy and by looking at the ocean we were taking in energy.

And I thought about it more.

Anytime I am feeling a bit down or out of sorts, if I go for a run outside by the Back Bay or just even get outside with my kids, I instantly feel better.  Such a great reminder of the energy that is all around us.

The last 45 minutes consisted of restorative meditation, which was deeply transforming.  We were given blankets and resting in the most comfortable pose. Through a guided meditation, she spoke of health, happiness and balance, and striving for self-acceptance in our bodies and lives.

Another thought that was powerful to me was how she said to “weed out our emotional garden” to open up space for new ideas and new experiences.   And this was only the tip of the iceberg of what I got out of the session and the inspiration I got from it.

I was in such a state of deep relaxation that I kept floating in and out of consciousness. And throughout, the messages were so inspiring and powerful and positive and uplifting.

When it was over I was so deeply relaxed, I felt like I had gotten a two-hour massage.

And I didn’t leave and leave the class at the door. Throughout that next week and even today messages will come to me or I will remember things I learned or took away from that class.  Especially when I am out in nature and by the water.  It was a truly incredible and transforming experience.

These retreats occur once a month and there are still spaces open for the one happening next weekend, June 18th and 19th, titled, “A Summer Solstice: Ignite + Inspire.”  The workshops are from 9-11am or 3-5pm.  Again, cost is $65 per 2 hour session.  Click the link on the title for the information and to call for reservations.

You can also click this link and click “View Our Schedule for Saturday Workshops” at the bottom for a full list of the next six months of dates and workshop titles so you can start planning your girls’ day at the spa now!  I will definitely be going to the July 23rd one titled, “Happiness is an Inside Job.

And speaking about happiness, I saw this quote yesterday on Ashley’s Facebook page, and I wanted to end with it!

“When you’re Happy for No Reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them. You don’t need to manipulate the world around you to try to make yourself happy. You live from happiness, rather than for happiness.”

~ via Marci Shimoff

Namaste Ashley, it was incredible!

{Disclosure: I received the workshop for free, compliments of the Montage, a Tiny Oranges Sponsor. Thank you!! }

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Montage Wellness Retreats & Workshops with Ashley Turner

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Attention all yogis or So Cal moms looking for an amazing way to spend enlightened time in a gorgeous location recharging the body and soul!

The Montage in Laguna Beach has a fabulous new E-volve” Wellness workshop and retreat series led by renowned yoga teacher and body-mind expert, Ashley Turner, so I wanted to share the upcoming dates and information.

Combined with the resort’s pristine beachfront location, each of these specially customized retreats offer guests an ideal way to leave behind everyday stresses and return home with a renewed, healthier sense of self.

Each individual 2 hour workshop is priced from $65 and includes a full day at Spa Montage with access to steam, sauna, relaxation areas and Oceanfront Spa Lap Pool.

Here are three of their upcoming events.  For more information or to reserve a spot click here or call (949) 715- 6010.

April 16 and 17, 2011

Indulge in a complete physical, mental and emotional detox to unleash your fullest potential for the year ahead. Join us for this customized 2-day intensive to reclaim physical strength, mental clarity and emotional well-being. Release unwanted tension, toxins, unprocessed emotions, fear, grief and insecurity and learn the basics of a balanced, clean lifestyle to create radiant health, happiness & beauty from the inside out.

To further enhance the experience, guests can choose from a variety of customized, optional add-ons including: a private 30 minute consultation with Ashley, which will identify and explore underlying causes of the client’s existing symptoms or concerns; a group Moonlight Hike while observing the Full Moon; and a spa lunch daily from Mosaic Bar and Grille when booking the full retreat.

SATURDAY (9 – 11am) – The Physical/Energetic Realm.
Begin with a rejuvenating, fiery detox flow to build strength and stoke the inner fire to carry us through the weekend. Melt off the first layers of stress and tension in the body. Work hard without pushing past your edge to a place we are brainwashed into thinking we need to be in order to be happy.

SATURDAY (3 – 5pm) – The Mental Realm.
Mental fitness and detoxing is just as important (if not more) than physical. Uproot and clear out what no longer serves you. A simple breakdown of the yogic map of the mind leads to a concrete grasp of how to create happiness from the inside out. Learn what a balanced or sattvic state of mind is and practical lifestyle tips to achieve it. Focus is on Pranayama, meditation, self-inquiry, restorative yoga.

SUNDAY (9 – 11am) – The Emotional Realm.
Much of our dissatisfaction lies rooted in our difficulty understanding emotions. Learn to create emotional intelligence through the rigor of a strong, physical practice. This purifying flow is sequenced to dislodge deep-seated emotions that lie buried in the organs and connective tissues of the body, especially the core. We move from judgment to understanding and forgiveness.

SUNDAY (3 – 5pm) – The Spiritual Realm.
In this slow flow Vinyasa/Restorative class, we imbibe the qualities of the Full Moon hanging over the Pacific: lucid, majestic, receptive, whole, fertile, forgiving and abundant. When our physical, mental and emotional realms are purified and aligned – our true nature effortlessly radiates outward. Our soul, or Atman, becomes more visible in our everyday lives and we literally reflect our highest good.

Saturday, May 7, 2011 * 11am-1pm and 2 – 4pm

Leave the hectic pace of your daily life and return to your center of deep peace and wisdom. In our best efforts to “have it all,” many of us carry an unspoken burden that we are “not doing enough” and shoulder unnecessary stress and burden. Indulge in a weekend of slowing down, turning inward and relaxing into your perfect path.

SATURDAY (11am – 1pm) – Women, Power + Peace.
We create balance and harmony in our world, ourselves and our relationships when we reclaim the power of the divine feminine. Join us for a candid discussion of what it means to be a wise woman in a modern world and let go of our perfectionism. Identify the specific ways you hide your power and ancient tools to build confidence in your personal and professional life. All yoga levels and ages are welcome.

SATURDAY (2 – 4pm) – Reuniting the Head, Heart + Body.
The new evolution of femininity – unifies head, heart and unconditional love for our wise bodies. This sacred marriage is essential to retrieving the health and happiness we all desire and finding the balance of work, family and an inner life. Profound, restorative yoga and powerful meditation techniques to heal body image and insecurity and reclaim peace, pleasure, passion and play in our lives.

Saturday, June 18 – Sunday, June 19, 2011 * 9 – 11am and 3 – 5pm

* Live from your core of Inner Power! Summer Solstice marks the time to “Fire Up” your core power.

* Reclaim your personal power by stoking the inner fire of self-confidence, self-trust and self-responsibility.

* Unlock your gifts. Blast through inner roadblocks and transform them into your greatest contributions. Instantly make choices aligned with your deepest truth.

{Disclosure: Montage is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

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