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Since all of this stuff is so fresh in my mind, I wanted to do a series on my personal “Top 10 Most Used Baby Products” – and the things I use about a gazillion times a day!   So, if you are a mom-to-be looking for items to add to your registry or a mom looking for a super practical (yet still fun!) gift for a baby, these items are pretty much guaranteed to get a ton of use!  BTW, they are in no particular order!  The first one in my list of 10 is the Sleep Wrap, see previous post.

My # 2 pick is the Aden + Anais Muslin Baby Wraps.  They came in a pack of 4 and I use them every day.  They are this wonderful gauzey (is that even a word??) type of material that is super light weight.  For a summer baby, they are amazing.  I use them for swaddling, as well as for covering the carseat when we are out on errands.  

I bought mine at Milkalicious in Aliso Viejo (you can also shop online.)  My sister just told me she saw them at Target.  I am interested if they are the same quality?  Anyone have the Target ones?  Are they the same? 

Since they are a TAD pricey, for a gift you can even buy a 4-pack, and give only one or two at a time  with something else.  I like to wrap mine with a little raffia ribbon when I split them up this way.

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