Ralph’s Boxed Lunches for Kids

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I recently discovered this little gem of a find and wanted to share.  I have no idea if ALL Ralph’s do this, but for sure the Ralph’s Fresh Fare on Irvine Ave. in Newport Beach does!

We spend a lot of time at parks and I pack A LOT of lunches. I am not a drive-through fan so I have been searching for a healthy (quick) to-go lunch option when I am feeling burnt out on packing yet another lunch.

And, alas, I have found it!   Ralph’s deli will make you a boxed lunch for kids (and I get one for me too…shhhhhhh!) Included is a sandwich (where you can opt for wheat bread), a piece of fruit, chip, apple juice & ours came with a little baggie of animal crackers too.  All for, I think, only $3.49.

Now if ONLY they could put a drive through window to the deli it would be the answer to my prayers!

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