South County Law Group Trademark Teleseminar

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Registration is now open for the free teleseminar “Should you trademark you name, phrase, or logo? Sizing up Trademark Options” held by Peter Sahin of the South County Law Group.  Paula, their client services coordinator told me this call is not just for new business owners.  If you’ve already been using a business name, phrase, or logo and have conerns or questions you are also invited!

The trademark laws can be confusing and understanding the complexities can be challenging.  It takes a law degree to be able to effectively sort through all the options. But don’t despair…there’s no need to start applying for law school!

Peter Sahin is an experienced business attorney and he will be doing a free teleseminar to help guide your through this tricky terrain to avoid costly mistakes before investing too much time or resources in a name. In the call you will…

– Discover the trademark law basics including a simple and free step you can take right away to protect your mark.

– Discover why a comprehensive search before you invest in a mark can save you tons of time and $$$.

– Discover what to do to secure your legal rights to a name, logo, or phrase used in your business.

– Discover why you would want to file an application for federal trademark registration;

– Discover how long the application process takes, the different types of applications and marks, and some tips for selecting a good name.

Join us on Thursday, June 17th, at 5pm PST/8pm EST. They are limited to 50 participants on this teleseminar so you must register to hold your spot. Once you register you will be given the call in information.


{Disclosure: South County Law Group is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

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