Morgan Law Group Upcoming Events

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Darlynn Morgan of the Morgan Law Group is having three upcoming FREE events and a teleseminar so you can learn more about what it takes to make sure your kids are legally protected. The event is titled, “9 Easy Steps To Make Sure Your Kids Are Protected No Matter What” and will be held at three different kid-friendly locations in OC in July.

To make learning the 9 steps easy, fun and friendly, they have hired childcare, so you can bring the kids. They’ll enjoy play time for FREE while Darlynn takes you by the hand and personally shares with you how to make sure your kids can be totally protected, if the unthinkable should happen to you.

Registration is required so go online to or call 949-260-1400 today!

Tues., July 13th, 1045am – 1200pm
Bears, Buddies & Toys
27911 La Paz Rd, Laguna Niguel

Wed., July 14th, 1045-1200pm
Bounce U
5445 Oceanus Dr., Ste 115, Huntington Beach

Sat., July 17th, 1015am-1200pm
Bounce U
428A W. Katella Ave., Orange

They are also offering a teleseminar for parents who can’t make it to the events. The teleseminar will be held on Thursday, July 15th 8pm-9pm PST, from the comfort of your own home.

Registration is still required to get the call-in details. Register online through the link below!

Disclosure: Morgan Law Group is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor.

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South County Law Group Trademark Teleseminar

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Registration is now open for the free teleseminar “Should you trademark you name, phrase, or logo? Sizing up Trademark Options” held by Peter Sahin of the South County Law Group.  Paula, their client services coordinator told me this call is not just for new business owners.  If you’ve already been using a business name, phrase, or logo and have conerns or questions you are also invited!

The trademark laws can be confusing and understanding the complexities can be challenging.  It takes a law degree to be able to effectively sort through all the options. But don’t despair…there’s no need to start applying for law school!

Peter Sahin is an experienced business attorney and he will be doing a free teleseminar to help guide your through this tricky terrain to avoid costly mistakes before investing too much time or resources in a name. In the call you will…

– Discover the trademark law basics including a simple and free step you can take right away to protect your mark.

– Discover why a comprehensive search before you invest in a mark can save you tons of time and $$$.

– Discover what to do to secure your legal rights to a name, logo, or phrase used in your business.

– Discover why you would want to file an application for federal trademark registration;

– Discover how long the application process takes, the different types of applications and marks, and some tips for selecting a good name.

Join us on Thursday, June 17th, at 5pm PST/8pm EST. They are limited to 50 participants on this teleseminar so you must register to hold your spot. Once you register you will be given the call in information.


{Disclosure: South County Law Group is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

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Morgan Law Group Upcoming Events

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The Morgan Law Group is holding two upcoming free events on legal planning for your kids protection and I wanted to pass the information on!  Darylnn Morgan wrote me a little synopsis on the event below.  As a side note,  I would like to congratulate Darylnn on the birth of her baby boy!  So very exciting!  Here is what she writes…

“My name is Darlynn Morgan and I’m an attorney and a mom.  I just had my first child in January – Britton, a beautiful baby boy.  I knew I wanted to be a mom for a long time and it was a long and hard road of infertility for us…  As you can imagine, we are elated! It’s been quite a journey, but I’m excited to be back to work and helping parents like you.

I thought I understood before just how important it is for you to take care of the legal planning necessary to make sure your child would be cared for by who you want, in the way you want, no matter what.  But now that I am a parent myself I have a completely new perspective!

Not only do I want the very best for my boy, I also realize that it is my responsibility to ensure his well being, every minute of the day.  And that means taking great care to plan ahead for all kinds of things that will likely never happen… but could.

The easy, peace-of-mind solution?  Attend our fun, fast, friendly and *free* Kids Protection Planning Workshop on May 1st, 2010  held at two kid-friendly locations:

Bears, Buddies & Toys in Laguna Niguel
Saturday, May 1st
10:45am – 12:00pm

The Little Gym in Tustin

Saturday, May 1st
4:15pm – 5:30pm

The kids enjoy supervised play and pizza while you learn.  And the hour that you spend at this workshop will be the best investment you could possibly make to ensure the well-being and care of your children and your family, no matter what happens in the future.

Now more than ever, it’s important that you make smart legal and financial decisions for yourself and your family…. Chances are, you’ve either you’ve been putting it off, think you’ve got it all taken care of or think it doesn’t apply to you.  Why not be sure… for the sake of your family.

During this informative workshop, you’ll discover how to:

· Be sure your children never spend even one moment in the care of strangers (or anyone you wouldn’t want) if anything happens to you.

· Avoid the expenses and delays of a long, drawn-out court process that would make life difficult for your loved ones if you were in an accident.

· Make sure your hard-earned money is immediately and privately available to your chosen guardians.

· Spot the 6 common mistakes most parents (and their lawyers!) make when naming guardians…. and how to avoid them.

·  Get your legal and financial house in order and take control of your finances…. And much more!

Space is limited, so Register Now!

Tiny Oranges would also like to congratulate the winners of my recent giveaways!

Lindsay is the lucky winner of the Safety 1st Squad in-home childproofing consultation and Eric is the winner of the 4 tickets to Mother’s Day Brunch at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa!

Happy weekend!  See you back next week with two giveaways you don’t want to miss! xo Jen

{Disclosure: The Morgan Law Group is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

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Free Virtual Seminar For Parents

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Peter from South County Law Group is holding a FREE virtual seminar for parents this Thursday night, 4/22/10 at 8pm PST.  There is no obligation, just an opportunity to get totally free legal advice.  The best part is you don’t even have to leave your house!  Just get the kids down for bed and hop on the call to listen about the things you can do to make sure your kids are protected.

In the call, he will cover:

The 9 simple steps you can take immediately to ensure your kids are cared for by the people you want, in a way you want, should something happen to you or your spouse.

Common mistakes parents make that allow the police the to take their minor kids out of the house and into the hands of foster care even with family members ready and willing to help if you were temporarily or permanently injured in an accident.

How to keep your kids from the expenses and delays of the court system and out of the hands of a judge assigned to make painful custody or financial decisions on your family’s behalf.

The six common mistakes parents make when naming guardians for their minor children..and how to undo those mistakes if you’ve made one.

How to ensure your money is immediately available to your chosen guardians so your kids won’t need hand-outs or state-aid should something happen to you and why this must be PRIVATE to keep every con-artist in town away from your family’s inheritance.

How to ensure your current will, trust or other estate planning documents won’t FAIL (which they do 99% of the time, even when drafted by lawyers) when your family needs them the most.

Peter did my family’s estate planning last year, and based on my PERSONAL experience, I can’t more highly recommend him or his firm.  We had the most positive experience working with him and the peace-of-mind it brings from knowing all your affairs are in order if the unthinkable should happen is priceless.

Click HERE to sign up online.  You will then get a special number to call in at 8pm on Thursday night (PST.)  You have nothing to lose & lots of valuable information to gain!

{Disclosure: South County Law Group is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor. I received a discounted rate on our legal fees when my husband and I did our estate planning. Discount or not,  I would personally  Peter with great enthusiasm to my readers, family and friends!}

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