*The Coconut Oil Cure All*

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I feel like everywhere I turn people are talking about the benefits of  using Coconut Oil as a cure all for almost everything!   So I picked up some Organic Virgin Coconut Oil at Trader Joe’s the other day and was a little confused when I saw it in a jar in a solid form?

After doing a little reading I found out it’s because of its high saturated fat content. But here’s the deal- it’s the RIGHT kind of saturated fat.

I opened the jar to the most divine scent- smelled like vacation!  But when I tasted it I was surprised that the flavor wasn’t as coconut-ty as I expected which I guess is good for those non-coconut lovers out there. And maybe helps to lend itself better to some of the different uses?

One of my friends loves spreading it on her toast instead of butter… here are some other ways to work it into your life…

Some Obvious Uses:

*Cooking – Coconut Oil can sustain high heats, so try subbing in a little the next time you sauté something.

*Baking – I recently substituted 50% coconut oil (I heated slightly to make it liquid) 50% vegetable oil in a carrot cake (recipe called for vegetable oil) & it turned out so moist & delicious!  (And my husband who doesn’t like coconut LOVED the cake.)

Some Not-So-Obvious Uses/Benefits:

*Hair – Use a little on the ends of to add shine & condition dry or damaged hair.  You can also rub onto your scalp to keep it free of dandruff, lice & lice eggs! (Wow- keep this in mind next time you get a call from the school nurse)

*Skin – Helps with dry skin (makes sense when you think about the coconut scent of the yummiest smelling sunscreens) but is also supposed to delay wrinkles and sagging of skin from aging.  (Um, yes please!)

*Heart Health – Coconut Oil contains lauric acid which helps prevent of high cholesterol and heart disease.

*Metabolism – It contains short & medium-chain fatty acids that help in shedding excess weight and is known for increasing metabolism.

*Aids in digestion – by helping the body in dealing with various bacteria and parasites that cause indigestion.

*Immunity Boosting Coconut Oil has antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties to help boost immunity.

*It’s good for your teeth – Coconut Oil helps with the absorption of calcium & is known to stop tooth decay!?!  (If you have a minute, Google “Coconut Oil Pulling.“)

Coconut Oil is also known to be beneficial for the liver, kidneys, bones, and diabetes by controlling blood sugar.

The list really goes on and on…

I’m a fan of the “Everything in Moderation” mantra… but I’m going to start trying to work a little more Coconut Oil into my family’s diet!

Click here to watch a Dr. Oz video segment about it.

Do you use coconut oil? Please share any tips / uses you might have!

(Info on the health benefits of coconut oil from www.OrganicFacts.net. Image from hybridrastamama.com)

(Disclosure- I’m not a doctor nor a dietician, I’m just learning about the benefits of this wonder-oil & thought I would share with all of you!)

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