Yoga and Total Body Wellness at Dantian Studio

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Have you ever walked in somewhere…and immediately felt at peace?  This rarely happens to me (probably because I always have two kiddos in tow)…but it did this week, and I have to share.  When I stepped into Dantian Studio, subtle candles were lit, soft instrumental music was playing, it was bright and airy, and I was looking at lovely little inspirational sayings and artwork on the wall.

The craziness of my morning started to fade.  My blood pressure started to lower.

Dantian Studio is a beautiful wellness studio in Costa Mesa that specializes in small group fitness classes, as well as traditional and newly emerging natural therapies, which focus on a client’s complete well-being.  And, here’s the great news – Dantian Studio is offering a FREE fitness class to anyone who mentions this Tiny Oranges blog!

Fitness at Dantian Studio

Jaime Hynes, Dantian Studio’s owner, has created a very tranquil, very intimate studio space.  She wants to make sure that every client receives personal attention.  This means small fitness classes, hand-picked instructors and attention to detail…down to working with you on your correct alignment in class.

I had the opportunity to chat with Jaime about her philosophy on total health and well-being, and it was refreshing to hear how passionate she is about health – for people of all ages.  She’s a mama too, so she’s all too familiar with the typical craziness we moms take on each day.

I found out that “dantian” actually means “energy center.”  And, that’s the focus of this studio:  “The positive energy center. Relax your mind. Strengthen your body. Heal your soul.”

Next up, I took a Yoga Pilates class with Michelle, and let me tell you – every knot and kink in my body was released, my breathing was regulated, and I felt centered (which was good…because after class I had carpools, homework time with my daughter, a scheduled playdate, and a volunteer commitment.)

To begin, Michelle asked me about my fitness background and if I had any questions or concerns before we started class – I found this really helpful, because I do have some past injuries that I baby.

Then, the instruction itself was relaxed and tailored to my needs.  Because they keep the classes so small (no more than 8-10 people per class at a time…and sometimes smaller), you really get that personal attention.  The morning I took class, I had the awesome chance to have a one-on-one with Michelle, so I really enjoyed a class that was tailored to my needs.

The fitness room is light, airy, clean, and comfy.  The floor is cushiony, soft music is playing, and water is available in the room.  I was a little nervous at first…it had been quite awhile since I had done anything that resembled Yoga…but Michelle helped me relax and go at my body’s pace.  At this studio, they cater to all levels.

My little man even got in on the Yoga fun toward the end!

Dantain Studio_3

Dantian Studio also has a Pilates Reformer room…with just four reformer machines.  This is on purpose – those small classes and personal attention is a priority at this studio.

Classes they offer include:

Crosscore 180
Crosscore 180 vs. TRX

Yes, they have childcare

There is childcare available if you need to bring your child with you.  It’s a cute little room with comfy beanbag chairs, a playmat, stuffed animals, coloring book and crayons, and bags of toys.  Great for smaller-aged kids.  When you register online for class, make sure to register for babysitting, too.  They are happy to provide childcare when needed for class.

And, there’s more…

Not only do they offer small fitness classes, but they also provide holistic, healing therapies, body treatments,  aesthetic services, massage therapy, and waxing and eyelash extensions.  Pamper yourself, and check out all of their services!

Dantian Studio’s Promo – Try a FREE Class!

Just mention this blog, and enjoy a free fitness class or Pilates Reformer class…PLUS babysitting!  Visit their class schedule page and look for the class you want.  Register online (for BOTH the fitness class and babysitting request), and when you walk into the studio, just let the front desk know you are a Tiny Oranges reader to get the complimentary class.

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Cultivate Your Qi at Dantian Studio [Giveaway]

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One of our new sponsors Dantian Studio invited Susanne and I in last week to experience their unique fitness and wellness center in Costa Mesa to cultivate our “qi.” I was really intrigued by this studio, and wondered, what exactly does “dantian” mean and how exactly can I cultivate my “qi?”

After doing a little research, I learned “dantian” means the energy center in the body and is sometimes referred to as the sea of qi. Hmmm…this tired mama could most definitely work on my dantian, which on some days manifests itself in a small puddle vs. a sea!

Dantian Studio is a place where Orange County locals can take a break from the daily grind to find their energy within. With a variety of amazing fitness classes, spa treatments, holistic therapies, their goal is to help you achieve harmony for both your physical and spiritual body.

Moms need a retreat like this. We deserve it. We need it. I would love for you to get the chance to try out this studio for yourself, enter to win a week of unlimited free classes below!

A Unique Orange County Fitness and Wellness Center

When you first walk in, you are immediately transported to another place. I am going to be honest, it was one of those mornings that was a little stressful to get the kids out the door. I arrived in a bit of a flurry, but when I entered the studio, calm entered my body. I took in the scent of burning candles, and for the first time that morning, I exhaled. I was taking some time to work on me. It felt amazing.

Dantian Studio Fitness Classes 

Our experience began with an 8am Power Pilates class.

Their fitness classes are small and intimate with a maximum of 8 people per class so you can receive individualized instruction. All classes are taken barefoot to focus on posture and alignment and prevent injury.

Classes include CrossCore 180, Sculpt, Bootcamp, Yoga, Pilates mat, Taji, Power Pilates and newly to be added, Prenatal Yoga, Mommy and Me Yoga, and Little Monkey Yoga for kids.  Coming at the end of this month, they will also offer childcare services for only + $5 per class.

I took a Power Pilates class taught by the owner, Jaime. I am a Pilates-lover. I have been doing it a little over two years now, but her class was unlike any class I have done. We did mat work, then moved to the CrossCore 180, which, let me tell you, was a kick ass workout, and she also mixed in bursts of cardio throughout. It was a total body workout. Loved every minute. Hard, not gonna lie, but such a good hard kind of workout. I am still sore as I type this!

 Dantian Special for Tiny Oranges Readers!

You can click here to see their class schedule.  You simply create a user account, then log in to view the schedule. The system also allows you to reserve your spot in classes online.

First class is typically 50% off, but for Tiny Oranges readers, with mention of this post, you can receive a free class now through May 31st, 2013. Call 714.668.0600 for details.

The entire facility was overflowing with positive energy and inspiring affirmations were written in chalk on every door. Each one made me smile.

My class was only the first part of my experience at Dantian Studio, after I had a massage, infrared body wrap and facial in store for me. Stay tuned for the spa details. Ladies, it was an unforgettable morning and experience. It’s a tough job to get to experience things like this and report back to you, but someone has to do it. Please don’t hate me.

Thank you Dantian Studio for finding my “qi” that day ~ my little puddle grew into a sea with happy waves that took me through the rest of my day with happy heart to share with my family. Me time goes a long way.

Hooray! It’s a Tiny Giveaway!

One lucky winner will receive a free week of unlimited fitness classes at Dantian Studio! No purchase necessary.

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[Disclosure: Dantian Studio is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor. We hope you will cultivate your qi there too.]

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