Why Hula When You Can Bula?

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Fiji Vacations for Families


Planning a summer vacation?  Before you book your annual Hawaii trip or Mexico getaway, I am here to share with you today a destination that might not have crossed your mind as far as one of the top family friendly vacation destinations – Fiji!

If you are open to exploring Fiji vacations for families to experience the “Bula Spirit” for yourself, Fiji Vacations, a local full service Orange County travel agency specializing in Fiji can help you book a dream family vacation to remember.

Closer than you think (a 10 hour direct red-eye flight from LAX), it might even been more affordable than you think.

Has anyone priced out flights to Hawaii lately?! I just did, and almost fell off my chair! Astronomical.

Fiji Vacations is able to package an entire vacation for you, from flights to transfers, hotel and meals, and the package price might not be all the far off from a Hawaiian vacation.  You would be surprised. Seriously.

Visit this page to request a free quote and you can see for yourself.

Fiji Vacations for Families 

Fiji Vacations

I asked Melissa, fellow OC mama, and the owner of Fiji Vacations (a family-owned business operating since 1985) some questions you might have about this mystical location most of us probably have on our bucket list. Here are her answers:

First off, what does “Bula” mean?

“Bula” is a very common word in Fiji used for greetings like “hello” or “aloha” in Hawaii.  Fiji is often described as having the “Bula Spirit” which encompasses the hospitality, kindness and care possessed by the people of Fiji.


I thought Fiji was just for honeymoons? 

Fiji is for everyone!

Fiji is for the young at heart backpacking around the world, young couples on honeymoons, families looking for an authentic experience rich in culture, couples celebrating a milestone anniversary or birthday, and adventure seekers like scuba divers, surfers and sky divers. There is something for everyone in beautiful Fiji.


Isn’t Fiji a super long flight from Southern California?

The flight from LAX to Fiji departs each evening at 11pm. It is only 2 meals and 2 movies or about a 10 hour flight. It is a really easy flight as it falls right in line with your natural sleep patterns and most people sleep the whole way there and wake up in Fiji!


I thought Fiji was super expensive? 

When comparatively shopping for equal packages, Fiji is far and away cheaper than comparable tropical destinations.

Typically the resorts in Fiji include all of the meals, which is an expense typically not included in Hawaiian travel packages. It is really nice to be able to budget all of that ahead of time, so there are no surprises at the end of the trip.

Most resorts offer family packages where kids stay and eat free too! For example, we have packages for families of 4 for $1700 per person for 7 nights, including meals, transfers and roundtrip airfare from LAX.

familyvacationtofiji If you are interested in getting a quote for a dream Fiji vacation for your family, you can contact one of the travel agents at Fiji Vacations to discuss which resorts would be best for your family and the best deals you can take advantage of.

Visit www.FijiVacations.com or call 800.927.1923.  Follow Fiji Vacations on Facebook to stay up to date on their current specials and promotions.  Not to mention enjoy some tropical eye candy in the midst of your busy day!

[All images courtesy of Fiji Vacations]

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