Bowers Kidseum

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This outing has been on my list to blog about for a llooonnnngggg time!  I took my girls last summer to the Bowers Kidseum and it was a fabulous OC family outing.

Located in Santa Ana, the Bowers Kidseum is an extension of the Bowers Museum and offers a ton of cultural hands-on experiences for little ones.

From tribal masks to international drums, international dress-up to art labs, kids are encouraged to touch, explore and play all the while learning about different cultures and traditions.

I love a good, fairly inexpensive OC outing that is also educational!

Adults + kids 2 and up are $6/each (2 and under free)

And everyone can visit the Bowers Museum, Kidseum and enjoy activities for FREE the first Sunday of the month for Target Free First Sunday compliments of

Click here for hours and directions.


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Newport Back Bay Outing Idea

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It was a beautiful OC winter day last weekend so we decided to take our girls over to the Newport Back Bay for a walk.  It is such a great {free} family outing.

To make it more interesting we did a little scavenger hunt for Emma.  It provided SO much thrill and entertainment and it was so silly and easy to do.   The scavenger hunt is something you can do ANYWHERE and just adds a little more interest to your typical outing.

I took a spiral notebook and quickly jotted down the first 8 things that came to my head. Here was our list:

1. Dog
2. Blue car
3. Baby in stroller
4. Bunny (yes, you will usually see bunnies by the Back Bay!)
5. Flag
6. Lizard
7. Rock
8. Plane

While we were walking there, we practiced “reading” what each word said since she is starting to learn the sounds and is interested in knowing what words say.  I also brought along a little sheet of those mini-stickers so she could put a sticker next to the things that we found.

Here were the girls in their matching shades ready for departure and our scavenger hunt adventure.

The Newport Back Bay parking lot is located on the corner of University Drive and Irvine Avenue in Newport Beach. Very easy to get to and a ton of parking.

There are paved roads all around the bay, so if your kids like to bike, it’s a great place.  You will see people out there jogging, biking and exploring the little dirt trails.

If you have time, make sure to stop into the Peter & Mary Muth Interpretive Center, which is located adjacent to the parking lot.   AMAZING place for kiddos!  And it is free.  Click that link to see a previous post I did on this awesome nature center.

There is no much joy that can be found by getting outside, exploring nature and getting a little dirty!

Happy hunting!

And in case you were wondering, we were 7 for 8 on the list.  Lizards must have been sleeping.  xo

{And for a TON of nature-related OC outings, make sure to visit Fun Orange County Parks.  The go-to place for awesome outing ideas!}

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