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On Sunday I got back from three amazing days at the BlogHer ’11 Conference in San Diego.  I made some great connections, learned a ton, and toured the Expo of Sponsors to meet companies with products geared towards women and families.  I was thrilled with the quality of the products and when I came home I made a whole long list of things I can’t wait to tell you about!  Here is the first!

The Mother Company gave out a sample DVD by Ruby’s Studio called The Feelings Show. Seeing that I have two girls, and I am sure it would be the same if I had two boys, there are a LOT of feelings that come out through the course of the day. Helping them process their feelings is something I struggle with as a mom.

So when I looked at the description of The Feelings Show, which is all about helping kids (geared towards ages 3 – 6 however, my 2-year-old also loved it) identify and navigate their way through all their different emotions, I thought, “wow THIS would be helpful in our household!”

And it turned out to be one of the best educational videos I have seen in a long time.

The video stars Ruby, a beautiful Mary Poppins-esque red head, as she leads the kids in various activities, art projects, interviews with other children and discussions about feelings.

It was the perfect mix of education, songs and animation. My daughters both LOVED it and were fully engaged throughout the entire 45 minutes, which is not easy to do.

At only $16.99, it is an affordable and educational DVD you can feel good about putting on for your kids.

It made me feel HAPPY to find it!

{Disclosure: I received a free DVD of The Feelings Show. This is not a compensated post.}

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