Find Some More Me Time in Your Day!

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Find Some More Me Time in Your Day

As mamas, we give our kiddos everything we have – our unconditional love, our time, our patience, our nurturing, our advice, our many, many talents (chauffeur, nurse, teacher, monster-catcher, nose wiper…), and sometimes, our sanity.  And they deserve absolutely everything we have to give.

But sometimes, I find myself running on empty, completely drained.  Yes, I should exercise more.  Yes, I should eat healthier.  Yes, I should get more rest.  But sometimes, I just want more TIME.

And (gasp)…time for ME.

Here are some simple ways I’ve made some room in my life for more “me” time…and I hope these tips help you.  Us mamas have to stick together!

Early to Bed, Early to Rise…That’s the Saying, Right?

I am completely guilty of staying up late to get things done…then hitting the snooze button the next morning because I’m too pooped to get up.  So, I’m trying (emphasis, trying) a new routine.

Getting to bed earlier so (in theory) I can wake up and be happier and more productive.

Plus, is there anything better than sneaking down to the kitchen when everyone’s still sleeping, pouring yourself a nice cup of hot coffee and enjoying a few minutes of peace to collect your thoughts and plan out your day?  Or check your email and Facebook?  Whatever suits your fancy!

Goodnight Munchkins

It’s summer…which means longer days and lots of fun family and kid evening activities.

As easy as it is to let your kiddos enjoy this glorious time every night, my advice is to let them stay up as a special treat…or a couple of times per week…and not as the regular summer routine.

When my kids go to bed on time, they sleep better, they (typically) wake up happier, and I have more quiet time during the evening to get things accomplished.  A win-win for all, in my book.

Declutter Your Calendar

Sometimes balancing the 1,001 things we volunteer for, sign-up for, and promise to do can get overwhelming.  Add in work, kid activities, birthdays, doctor’s appointments, playdates…the list goes on.

I am a firm believer that a healthy, happy, balanced mama will be a happier, more patient mama for her kiddos (Yes, I am still a work in progress).

So take a look at your calendar and determine the most important things you want to accomplish in your day/week/month.

And make scheduling some “me” time a priority!

Make a Deal…With A Fellow Mama

Sometimes we want some “me” time more than anything…but logistically, who is going to watch our kiddos while we have that “me” time?

Call up one of your good mama friends and talk about exchanging a “mommy time out.”  You watch her kids for an hour or two while she can grab some alone time.  Then, ask her to return the favor. Voila!  No paying for a babysitter, your kids are with someone you trust, and you get your well-deserved me time!

Oh, and you’re helping another mama get hers – lots of wins!

Ask Your Spouse

Talk to your spouse about scheduling some time on the weekend for each of you to have some “me” time.  Hopefully, if you and your spouse don’t work over weekends, you can each squeeze in an hour or two each with childcare covered.

Keep Your Little Campers Busy

It’s summer – so if you can, take advantage of all of the little day camps available to kids out there!

Check your activity places (swim, dance, gymnastics, beach, soccer, the sky’s the limit!) for day camps they may offer, your church for Vacation Bible Schools or day camps, your local community center for classes, outdoor camps (Check out Inside the Outdoors.  We love them!)  Your kiddos will be busy, active and happy…and you get a break!

 How do you squeeze in your precious “me” time?  Have any secrets you can share with us fellow mamas?  Comment below so we can call benefit!


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