Tina Steinberg Personalized Fingerprint Jewelry [+ Giveaway!]

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When I saw that image above on www.tinasteinberg.com I almost exclaimed “Be still my beating heart!”  Did you look closely?  Those are actual fingerprints on the charms!

Tina Steinberg’s personalized fingerprint jewelry can be found in the Love Touch Collection on her website – beautiful sterling silver charms and pendants with your loved one’s fingerprint and a little inscription on the back.  Swoon. Can you think of a better holiday gift for the moms in your life? I think not.

So it’s your lucky day as Tina is giving away a gift certificate for $100 to one lucky winner.  She is also offering free shipping for the next week, through 11/2/11 with coupon code “tinyoranges!”

I am sure you are thinking, like I did, how does the fingerprinting process work?


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