Cute Summer Gift Idea

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If you are looking for a go-to cute summer gift idea, I am loving the personalized beach towel!  It is such a special gift and what child (or adult!) couldn’t use another pool or beach towel during the summer months?

I usually stock up on fairly plain (my personal favorite is the striped) beach towels when I see them on sale.  Recently I found a great one on sale at Target in lime green and white stripes for only $6.99. The great thing about lime is that you can then monogram in hot pink for girls or navy blue for boys! Love it when you have a unisex gift on hand!

I have used a place in Newport Beach called The Monogram Store, and it usually ends up being around $12 to monogram, so this makes for a total $20-ish dollar gift.

For an extra special friend or family member where you wanted to give more, you could package the towel in with a straw beach bag, cute swim suit, goggles, swim toys, etc. and make it a swim or beach themed gift.

One of Facebook friends recently said they are doing a group gift for their teacher this year and including a monogrammed beach towel, beach bag, magazines and a book store gift card. Isn’t that a cute idea?

Now, bring on the summer!! I am sooooo ready!

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Monster Removal Guide Children’s Book

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How many of you have done a routine monster check before bedtime? I remember putting my mom through this drill (closet and under the bed monsters being my most feared species) many, many years ago so I guess the monster check must be a multi-generational ritual. So when I read the new children’s book, Monster Removal Guide, written by Garett Gruber I thought it was such a silly and clever way to combat kids’ monster fears!

The idea for the book came about when Garett and his son were going through a de-monstertizing effort one stormy night through the house. With each monster-removing technique they invented, he saw his son change from scared to empowered and thought, “I am onto something!” and thus the idea for Monster Removal Guide was born.

The book is a compilation of the 10 most effective techniques to safely remove monsters.

For example, did you know that monsters are incredibly frightened by any child performing any combination of kung fu moves?  Yep! So the “Kung Fu Kid” technique which involves any combination of mule-kick or double-cobra hand strike will do the trick.

My girls were particularly entertained by “The Little Stinker” technique.  This is where a baby brother or sister still in diapers can come in handy and if not, a smelly sock can suffice.

Parents everywhere will appreciate “The Cleaners” method – because as it turns out, vacuums horribly frighten monsters as they can easily be sucked into the bags, so keeping one’s room clean is a fail-safe method.  Who knew?!

Geared towards kids ages 6 – 11 and their parents (however my girls are 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 and loved it), this book will help magnify the silliness of monsters and has been selected to receive a Children’s Literacy Classics Seal of Approval.

This book would make a great gift for a boy or a girl, and at only $9.99 you can buy a handful to stash in your closet (monsters beware!!!) for last minute gifts!

Visit the incredibly entertaining and interactive site, for more information as well as to see the 12 species of identified monsters.

However, new species are being discovered by little ones around the globe every day, so if you have a new species you have found, you are welcome to submit it HERE using a Monster ID Form and new species just might make their way onto the website and future publications. Too cute.

Stay up to date with the latest monster IDs with MRG on Facebook and you can also tweet with the peeps at MRG Headquarters on Twitter.

Click HERE to buy online and as of right now, the Monster Removal Guide can also be found at Lido Village Books in Newport Beach or A Whale of a Tale in Irvine.

[Disclosure: I received a complimentary book for review. This is not a compensated post and all my opinions are my 100% honest ones. In the process of working with Garett, they became a right column tile sponsor, so look for the MLG tile on our home page!]

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Super Cute Greeting Card Tote

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I happened upon this SUPER CUTE Greeting Card Tote from a company called Pad & Paper at The Christmas Company last December and it was love at first glimpse for this stationery fanatic!

Boxed in a darling white tin container with black and white ribbon, this tote is organized by category with 21 DARLING greeting cards inside for every occasion.

I know you have all seen these sets before, and what I have found is that, while the idea is great, the cards are often not-so-cute.  Unless you are looking for a puffy, glittery rocking horse design to send to a friend with a new baby. No thanks.

The Pad & Paper cards are simple, tasteful and so very lovely. I looked through each design and didn’t see one that I wouldn’t actually use.

And, at $31 for the set, that makes each CUTE card much less than the ones you find in a store! Fabulous gift idea for a girlfriend as well.


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Tina Steinberg Personalized Fingerprint Jewelry [+ Giveaway!]

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When I saw that image above on I almost exclaimed “Be still my beating heart!”  Did you look closely?  Those are actual fingerprints on the charms!

Tina Steinberg’s personalized fingerprint jewelry can be found in the Love Touch Collection on her website – beautiful sterling silver charms and pendants with your loved one’s fingerprint and a little inscription on the back.  Swoon. Can you think of a better holiday gift for the moms in your life? I think not.

So it’s your lucky day as Tina is giving away a gift certificate for $100 to one lucky winner.  She is also offering free shipping for the next week, through 11/2/11 with coupon code “tinyoranges!”

I am sure you are thinking, like I did, how does the fingerprinting process work?


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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

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On a recent trip to our local library I asked the librarian if she had any favorite books for an almost five year old and she pulled out “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” as one of her top picks.

I can’t tell you how many times I read it to her over the course of the two weeks, but it was a lot!  It had both my daughter and I cracking up, and the more I heard her giggle and laugh out loud, the more it made me laugh.

There is just something hysterical about a pigeon pleading to drive a bus, and my daughter answering each persuading question or argument with an emphatic, “nooooooo!”

I thought we were probably the last to discover this series until I asked two of my closest friends if they had it(assuming they did) and they both said no, which told me I have to blog about this find!

This book would make a great gift idea for either a boy or girl.  Looks like I have to buy this book for my daughter for her birthday next month as we are sad we had to take our friend Pigeon back to the library.

Upon further investigation, it appears as if the Pigeon is up to other adventures, see all the books by the author Mo Willems here.

Since I am ALWAYS on the hunt for great children’s books, what are your favorite laugh out loud books?

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