An Important Skill to Practice This Summer!

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Fun Ways for Kids to Practice Typing

My daughter is currently in 3rd grade and going through state testing at school.  For the first time in California’s history, the online assessments to measure how well students are doing on curriculum aligned with the Common Core are done on a computer, where students are expected to type on a keyboard and navigate the online test.

There was a practice test online that she showed me and although I knew the test was taken on the computer, I was shocked when I realized she had to TYPE in some of her answers,

Now, I know this is a totally different day and age, but I didn’t even learn to type until 7th grade, and here my 3rd grader is typing answers in on a keyboard! Crazy!

When I voiced my surprise at what 3rd graders were expected to be able to do on a keyboard to a teacher friend of mine, she said,

“That’s why the best thing you can do for you kids over the summer is have them type, type, type!” 

I knew I would have my kids read of course over summer, but I never thought of having them practice typing, which is why I wanted to share some fun ways for kids to practice typing I have thought of and I want to hear your ideas as well. Please comment below.

Fun Ways for Kids to Practice Typing

Once your kids have the right hand positions and which finger to which keys down (you can have them practice online via a ton of free typing programs), the best thing for them to do is practice.

Set Up An Email Address for Your Child

You can easily set up an email address for your child and have them practice by emailing family members or friends.

I thought it would be fun to designate a summer “Email Pal” for my daughter (pen pals for the year 2015) and have her share once a day what she did or where she went.

In addition to giving her great keyboard practice, I think it will also be a fun way for her to journal this summer.

Or, I might send her a daily question or subject to respond to.

(Of course, as with all things online with children, it is important for parents to closely monitor kids’ activities and have access to all passwords.)

Collaborate With Your Child on a Piece of Fiction

Another idea I had was to have my daughter write a story, but instead of taking pencil to paper, I would have her type it into a Word or Pages document.

If you have a child who loves to write, this would be really fun on its own.

However, if your child struggles coming up with ides, you could start the story, and have them add in the next part, then you pick up where they left off and add on, etc. etc.  I am sure the end result would be fun, and it would likely inspire them to want to check it to see what you wrote and think about how they want to  continue it.

It would also be a great way to teach them how to go back into their writing and learn to edit on a keyboard.

Do you have a way your kids practice their keyboard skills at home? Please share! 

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