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From the looks of it on Facebook, many of you already have kids back in school, or will have kids back in school in the next few weeks so I wanted to post my get to know your teacher questionnaire.

Every year I give these get to know your teacher questions to my child’s teacher to fill out and return to me.  It is so helpful to keep on file throughout the school year, especially come the holidays and teacher appreciation week.

For example, one year I learned my child’s teacher’s favorite school day snack was mixed nuts, so I would bring her a little baggie of trail mix on the days I was in the classroom to volunteer.

One of my daughter’s teachers was really into yoga, so I got her a gift card to a local activewear store to treat herself to a new yoga piece.

I would so much rather know exactly what my child’s teacher wants versus taking a gamble and giving them a gift that is just not them.

I also find having this get to know your teacher questionnaire helps me feel more connected to my child’s teacher from the get-go. You can learn a lot about a person from answering questions about their favorite things!

Click here -> for the free get to know your teacher questionnaire printable.

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Get to Know Your Teacher Questions

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teacher favorites questionnaire

Back-to-School season is in full swing so I thought it was fitting to share this teacher favorites questionnaire I made so you can download and print for your new teachers.

This is also a great tool for room moms so when the holidays, teacher appreciation week or the end of the school year rolls around, you will know exactly the types of favorite things your teacher would love to receive.

I volunteer in my daughter’s classroom once a week and last year I had a mid-morning shift. It was so helpful to know that our teacher loved greek yogurt and fresh fruit mid-morning, so I always brought in a little snack for her.

Our teachers work so hard ~ one of the most important jobs in the world ~ so I like to make sure they feel appreciated.

If you get the answers to this get to your know teacher questionnaire, you can share the answers with the parents in the class as well, or give to the room mom so she can share your teacher favorites.

Click to download and print the teacher favorites questionnaire

Did I miss anything? Any questions to add?  Please comment below, I would love to make this an evolving teacher questionnaire with your input!

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