Golden Tote On Sale Tomorrow!

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Links to Golden Tote in this post are referral links, meaning I get a little credit of you click through and order a tote. Thank you in advance for supporting my Golden Tote obsession. My husband thanks you too.


This might sound crazy, but I really hate to shop. Taking the time to go into the stores, digging through racks while trying to hold complaining kids at bay is honestly not my idea of fun. Which is why I am obsessed with Golden Tote, because they do the shopping FOR you!

I get more compliments on my Golden Tote pieces more than any other item of clothing in my closet. Things I wouldn’t have thought to try on, but end up loving. Cute, hip, stylish pieces that put a little extra pep in my mom step.

It’s very easy. Here’s the run down.

1. The totes go on sale the first Monday of every month at 9am PST at Set a reminder in your calendar to ping you and remind you to go online and order yours, because the very cutest pieces can sell out, quick. Shopping early ensures the best selection.

2. There are two totes to chose from – a $49 one with 2 – 3 pieces or a $149 with 5 – 6 pieces. If you can swing it, go for the $149 one because you will be amazed at the number of cute things you will get.

3. In your tote, you will be prompted to pick 1 or 2 items you want. Then, Golden Tote surprises you with the rest! It’s like Christmas in August when that box arrives.

4. Finally, you will create a style profile with your height, body type, likes, dislikes, styles you love, etc. which helps match your Tote to your style.

I am sure you are wondering what happens if you don’t like something or it doesn’t fit?

It’s an all or nothing deal. You can return the entire tote for a full refund, but you can’t return individual pieces. There is although, a private group on where you can buy, sell or trade pieces that you don’t want.

When I get my totes, I usually end up loving say, 5 out of the 6 pieces, and the one I don’t, I will give to a friend. But for the price, it’s totally worth it for the 5 pieces I wear all of the time.

Try it. You will love it!

www. G O L D E N T O T E .com

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We Heart Golden Tote. Big Time.

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Golden Tote Review

Disclosure: Links in this post are affiliate links and we received our Golden Tote bags complimentary. 

This last Friday, my April Golden Tote arrived full of fun Spring finds. I can’t tell you just HOW much fun it is to receive a Golden Tote box!  Susanne and I are completely in love with this company and we are excited to share our recent Totes with you in this Golden Tote review.

For anyone not familiar, Golden Tote is like a personal shopper, but you don’t have to step foot into a store!

You select a few items you like, and they surprise you with the rest. But not to worry, all their pieces are super cute and stylish.

I have minimal time to shop for myself.  Scratch that, I have barely any time to shop for myself.

Every time the season changes I end up scrunching my nose at my last year’s items wishing I had a couple cute new things to wear.  That’s why Golden Tote is SO great for busy moms.

You go online and can choose to buy from two totes: a $49 one and a $149 one.  Personally I think the $149 one is the way to go just because of the number of pieces you will get for that price (see below.)

Sales start on the first Monday of the month and run through the last day of the month or until items run out.  Make sure to sign up for their email list so you get a reminder email when the month’s tote is coming up for sale. Things can sell out quickly, so you have to be on top of it!

The $49 tote includes 2-3 items. You select one item you like, and they surprise you with the rest.  The $149 tote includes 5 – 7 items. You select 2 items, they surprise you with the rest.

Susanne and I both received the $149 April Golden Tote to review and show you what sorts of pieces are included!  Here they are! LOVE!


And here she is modeling her new April Golden Tote items! How cute is she?


And yet, some more!  Can you believe how many outfits you can get out of those six pieces?  At the price of a $149 tote, they average only about $25 per piece. Such a great deal!


 And here are my Golden Tote items…


And my attempt at “modeling”.  At least you get to see what the pieces look like on a real life mom! Of course I also had to add in a fedora with a piece called the “Getaway Tunic” – right?!


I didn’t take a pic in the long sleeved gray and black because Susanne modeled the same one, but I wanted to show two photos of the floral dress because the back is so cute!


Here are two more Instagram ones I took from real events last weekend (follow me @TinyOrangesOC!) I wore the cute cardigan with white jeans to lunch and the white peasant top out to dinner with friends on Saturday night.


Overall, Susanne and I are over the moon with our items.

There are no returns or exchanges with Golden Tote – just so you know.

But they just started a Golden Tote Trades Facebook Group where you can buy or sell or trade items that are not a good fit.  However, I can safely say with both my totes, I can wear (and do wear) the majority of the items!

Again, sign up for their email list so you can get on the radar when the sale is coming.  Learn more here:

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Golden Tote

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Golden Tote

This company is just too much fun. Golden Tote is a surprise grab bag filled with clothing and accessories for women at AMAZING prices.

Let me tell you how it works! There are two grab bag options, one for $49 and one for $149.

With the $49 Golden Tote, you select one item you like from their selection, and then they surprise you with the additional pieces (2-3 items total.)

Same with the $149 Golden Tote, but you select two items you like from the $149 tote page, and they surprise you with the rest (5 – 7 items total.)

Golden Tote sent me the $149 tote last month so I could see how it worked.  It was so fun to go online and choose two things I liked, even better, it is nice to have a narrow selection of items.  It makes it simple -not overwhelming.

When the Golden Tote box arrived on my doorstep, Christmas came early, because included were all these darling pieces I have already worn a ton. A little wardrobe refresh for winter. Love it, especially before the holidays!

Golden Tote Finds

The two items I picked myself were the “Everything You Need Jacket,” a great winter to spring staple as the faux fur and inner lining are both removable. I get so many compliments on this jacket and it IS available again in the $149 December Tote (grab it up ladies!!!)

The other item I picked was this cute “Floral Jacquard Knit Dress” for my husband’s work holiday party. Cute, good coverage, but also a little flirty – love!

Then, as a surprise, I received that super cute navy and white blouse, lightweight color block sweater, black dress (darling with tights and booties), and cozy cardigan.

ALL these pieces for $149! I seriously would have considered paying $149 for the jacket alone based on how much I wear it. Amazing deal.

Click here for Golden Tote FAQs, I think a Tote would make such a cute holiday gift for girlfriends, or consider a Gift Card so they can shop and chose their item(s) themselves!

Sales start the 1st Monday of the month and run through the last day of the month. If you see something you like, snatch up the Tote and get it as your selection because hot items do sell out!

Disclosure: Product received complimentary to facilitate review. All opinions are my own. LOVE my fashion goodies!

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Golden Tote Ultimate Surprise Grab Bag

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When I married my husband I quickly learned that he doesn’t really care for surprises when it comes to gifts, but I myself yearn for a bit of the unexpected under the Christmas tree, so last year when I heard about Golden Tote, the ultimate surprise grab bag of clothing and accessories for women I had to try it!

I loved my Golden Tote full of surprises which is why I am thrilled to share this company with you today just in time for the holidays.

The Golden Tote Creators (both named Sarah) started making grab bags for their clothing company Puella several years ago and realized that people loved the value, quality and surprise element that goes with a grab bag.  So they decided to bring in other brands to create the ultimate surprise grab bag and Golden Tote was born!

There are two bags to choose from, a $49 Golden Tote and a $149 Golden Tote. With the $49 option you get to fill your Tote with one guaranteed item, and with the $149 option you get to fill your tote with two guaranteed items, and then the rest is an exciting surprise you have to wait to see until you get your tote in the mail.

Which includes super stylish lifestyle brands such as:

I chose the $49 Tote which got me three items. My Golden Tote included a cozy blue pullover sweater, a cream knit infiniti scarf and a tank with elephants printed on it (which I’m seeing a lot of now, so cutting edge a year ago!)

Here is a taste of the type of pieces that might be included in your tote!

They’ve also added an exciting new Gift Tote this year where you can choose either the Indulge or Accessorize Tote which includes 4-5 items for just $49 (a $100 value).

I think a Golden Tote would make an exciting gift for any women on your holiday list this year, but you have to HURRY and place your order, because their deadline to order to ensure your Golden Tote by Christmas is Thursday 12/6.

Or you can add a gift card to your list for Santa to use on the next Golden Tote sale! You can follow Golden Tote on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date on the latest offerings.

I’m thinkin’ it might be a Merry Golden Christmas to me again this year!

{Disclosure: Sponsored post that we are ecstatic to share as we heart their tote-ally unexpected fashions!}

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