Golden Tote Ultimate Surprise Grab Bag

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When I married my husband I quickly learned that he doesn’t really care for surprises when it comes to gifts, but I myself yearn for a bit of the unexpected under the Christmas tree, so last year when I heard about Golden Tote, the ultimate surprise grab bag of clothing and accessories for women I had to try it!

I loved my Golden Tote full of surprises which is why I am thrilled to share this company with you today just in time for the holidays.

The Golden Tote Creators (both named Sarah) started making grab bags for their clothing company Puella several years ago and realized that people loved the value, quality and surprise element that goes with a grab bag.  So they decided to bring in other brands to create the ultimate surprise grab bag and Golden Tote was born!

There are two bags to choose from, a $49 Golden Tote and a $149 Golden Tote. With the $49 option you get to fill your Tote with one guaranteed item, and with the $149 option you get to fill your tote with two guaranteed items, and then the rest is an exciting surprise you have to wait to see until you get your tote in the mail.

Which includes super stylish lifestyle brands such as:

I chose the $49 Tote which got me three items. My Golden Tote included a cozy blue pullover sweater, a cream knit infiniti scarf and a tank with elephants printed on it (which I’m seeing a lot of now, so cutting edge a year ago!)

Here is a taste of the type of pieces that might be included in your tote!

They’ve also added an exciting new Gift Tote this year where you can choose either the Indulge or Accessorize Tote which includes 4-5 items for just $49 (a $100 value).

I think a Golden Tote would make an exciting gift for any women on your holiday list this year, but you have to HURRY and place your order, because their deadline to order to ensure your Golden Tote by Christmas is Thursday 12/6.

Or you can add a gift card to your list for Santa to use on the next Golden Tote sale! You can follow Golden Tote on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date on the latest offerings.

I’m thinkin’ it might be a Merry Golden Christmas to me again this year!

{Disclosure: Sponsored post that we are ecstatic to share as we heart their tote-ally unexpected fashions!}

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