Health & Wellness Fair at Pretend City

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Top of the morning to you all! Pretend City is hosting it’s 3rd annual Health & Wellness Fair this Saturday, March 17th, 2012 from 9am – 2pm (thus the St. Patty’s Day green!)

The event is FREE for the general public and is a part of a child development initiative called Good to Go From Head to Toe! Click here to view a full size flyer about the event.

The fair will take place outside of Pretend City Museum and will include food, live music, performance by Claddagh Irish Dance Company (FUN!), face painting, giveaways and more.

Plus, every child that participates in at least 3 free screenings will receive a free ticket to Pretend City with purchase of a regular adult admission.

Some of the free screenings include:

* Speech & language
* Developmental
* Fine, gross & oral motor skills
* Social / emotional
* Hearing
* Dental
* Orthodontics
* Health & nutrition
* Body Mass Index (BMI)
* Ages & stages developmental questionaires

I happened to be at Pretend City with my two year old one day a couple months back when they were holding a free speech & language screening.  Even though I didn’t have any concerns, it was still fascinating to watch her go through the process and I learned a lot about her speech development at her age.

If you don’t have any St. Patrick’s day plans, this is a super fun OC family event! *
29 Hubble, Irvine

[Disclosure: Pretend City is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor]

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Free Parenting Class at Pretend City

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I met Dr. Ann Corwin {a.k.a The Parenting Doctor} when I took her free class at Pretend City last Fall. I wrote about her here. What an AWESOME class it was!   So when I heard she was having another one, not only did I sign up immediately, but I wanted to do a post on it so you have the opportunity to attend too!

I love Dr. Ann because everything (in my opinion) that she says about parenting and children’s behaviors MAKES SENSE.  I had several “oh, I GET it!” moments when I was taking her class.

After that series, I felt armed with new techniques and a new understanding of my child and what they were going through.   I actually called her a few months back when I was having a behavioral issue with my oldest and she helped talk me through it.   What helped the most is that she explained WHY my daughter was doing what she was doing from a developmental standpoint.  Again, I hung up, and said, “oh, now I get it!”

By utilizing the techniques and advice Dr. Ann gave me, along with a big dose of understanding and empathy on my part, she made a miraculous turnaround.   So again, I LOVE DR. ANN!

She is holding another FREE workshop compliments of the Good to Go from Head to Toe initiative at Pretend City on February 23rd called Brain Driven Behavior, and you better believe I will be at this one too!   I will take all the information and tips Dr. Ann will give me!

Only 11 spots are still open, so if you want to go, click HERE and reserve your ticket today.

Here is the info:

Brain Driven Behavior:
Make Sense Out of Your Child’s Behaviors {I say, yes please!}

Dr. Ann Corwin, The Parenting Doctor
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

6:00 – 7:30

For adults of children ages birth to 5 years (childcare sold out)

What you will learn:

– Your child’s brain: why it rules their emotions, behaviors and reactions.
– Learn what is developmentally appropriate from your child at their different ages and stages.
– Feelings: what they are, where they come from and how to handle them.

Walk away with real life techniques and simple solutions to help with your parenting frustrations at home!

Light apps and drinks will be served.

CLICK HERE and go to the calendar and click on the event to make your reservation!
CLICK HERE to download a full size flyer!

{Discloser: Pretend City is a Tiny Oranges Sponsor}

There are still appointments available for Saturday’s fundraiser!
Click here for more details and join us!

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